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Box artwork for Stepmania.
Developer(s)Chris Danford
Publisher(s)Chris Danford
System(s)Linux, Mac OS, Windows
Release date(s)
Latest version5.0.12 (stable), 5.1 beta 2 (beta)
InputDance Pad, Keyboard
TwitchStepMania Channel

StepMania is an open-source advanced rhythm game that works on Linux, Mac OS, and Windows. It was originally released on November 1, 2005.

This game generally emulates and functions like the popular Dance Dance Revolution and In The Groove games where players use their feet in order to hit arrows that come on screen. It supports a wide range of image sound and step file formats (such as .dwi and .KSF files) it also supports modifications, so you can change the speed of the music, the way the arrows look, you can also customize the background, themes, and add sprites. Although perhaps one of the most user comprehensive features about StepMania is its simple stepfile creation interface, which comes within the StepMania program.

StepMania is customizable. Changes range from things like how fast the song selection wheel moves to things as advanced as creating a theme that alters the arrow graphics, backgrounds, text, sounds, and layers. Many of the changes can be made within the game, but others must be done by editing the files. Most commonly, themes are downloaded and applied to minimize the time spent on this process.

With over 60,000 stepped files for the engine, as well as many programs that use StepMania's stepped files for their own online rhythm games such as Flash Flash Revolution and KeyBeat Online, this game is still thriving today.

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