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Box artwork for Stompin'.
Release date(s)
Mode(s)Single player
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Stompin' is an arcade game that was released by Bally and Sente in 1986; it is the fourth of the third batch of games to run on their SAC-I hardware and is not to be confused with the 1994 Island Design redemption machine of "Spider Stompin'". The player must use a "FloorPlay" controller (described on the flyer as "the most innovative game design concept for 1986") which sees him standing on nine lit-up squares to stomp out a variety of animals (including ants, mice, frogs and fish) which emerge from eight mouse holes around the edges of the screen and try to steal the item in the centre of the screen - and if you are using MAME to play the game, the controlling is replicated with the arrow keys, so the emulation presents it as if it had only used a trackball (like many other Bally/Sente games) or joystick.

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