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The Cross-Wiki Week is an annual event hosted by the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance (NIWA), held to celebrate Nintendo's birthday. The purpose of the event is to promote cooperation by inviting editors to contribute to wikis they don't regularly edit. At the end of the event, two winners will receive a $20/€20 Nintendo eShop gift card for participating! The 2023 Cross-Wiki Week will take place from Saturday, 23 September, to Sunday, 1 October. For more info, please have a look at the Cross Wiki Week 2023 page.

New for 2023: When saving an edit, add #cww to your edit summary to be counted for the event.

New users[edit]

Some important pages to read before editing:

List of NIWA members and affiliates[edit]

StrategyWiki uses a series of icons to demonstrate the completion status of guides. They are as follows:

  • 0000.svg No information, maybe just a filled out table of contents
  • 0001.svg A few pages might have been started, but most of the guide is empty
  • 0002.svg Around half of the pages have been made, but existing pages may be bare-bones and could benefit from expansion.
  • 0003.svg The guide is shaping up. Most pages are written, and a reader could feasibly work through most of the game with just this guide
  • 0004.svg The game is covered entirely. All pages are made and completed to a high level of quality.
  • 0005.svg Featured article. The best of the best, may have custom elements in design or navigation.

Arms Institute[edit]

Bulbapedia (Pokemon)[edit]


Drawn to Life Wapopedia[edit]

Many of these pages are not made yet. A series nav should be created once more of these pages are made.

Fire Emblem[edit]


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Golden Sun Universe[edit]

Hard Drop (Tetris)[edit]

Consult Category:Tetris for all titles. For releases of the game with the simple title Tetris:

  • Tetris (Mirrorsoft): Published in Europe in 1988. Among the first commercially distributed releases of Tetris.
  • Tetris (Spectrum Holobyte): Published in the United States in 1988 by the American sister company of Mirrorsoft. Among the first commercially distributed releases of Tetris.
  • Tetris (BPS): Published in Japan in 1988 for multiple home computers and the Famicom. Development lead by Henk Rogers.
  • Tetris (Sega): Released in Japan in 1988. This version was converted for play on the Mega Drive, but Sega cancelled its release.
  • Tetris (Atari): The American arcade game which Atari used as a template for its Tengen releases on the NES.
  • Tetris (Tengen): The unlicensed NES game which was released before Nintendo's official release. Served as the basis for Vs. Tetris in arcades.
  • Tetris (NES): The licensed NES game produced by Nintendo.
  • Tetris (Game Boy): The pack-in cartridge that helped propel Nintendo's first handheld system to popularity.

After the Game Boy version, many Tetris titles begin to vary in order to differentiate themselves. However, a few more instances of game being released under the original title appear:

Icaruspedia (Kid Icarus)[edit]

Inkipedia (Splatoon)[edit]

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

Kovopedia (Magical Series)[edit]

No games have pages on StrategyWiki. A {{Series Nav}} should be made with these pages.

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Lylat Wiki (Star Fox)[edit]

Metroid Wiki[edit]

Mystery Dungeon Franchise[edit]

Nookipedia (Animal Crossing)[edit]

Pikipedia (Pikmin)[edit]

Rhythm Heaven[edit]



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Super Mario Wiki[edit]


Donkey Kong[edit]



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Wars Wiki[edit]

WikiBound (Mother)[edit]


Xeno Series[edit]

Zelda Wiki[edit]

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NIWA Affiliates[edit]




JoJo's Bizarre Encyclopedia[edit]

Wikifang (Telefang)[edit]

No pages for the games exist.

Wikimon (Digimon)[edit]


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