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Members of the Achievements project manage the layout and completion of a comprehensive list achievements and trophies on the various Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Live Arcade games, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Network games, as well as other games which have achievements, such as Games for Windows and Steam. All achievements pages can be found in subcategories of the Achievements category.

Achievement pages[edit]


A special template exists for laying out achievement pages: {{Achievements Header}}. It is to be used to start a table as follows:

{{Achievements Header|g=yes|trophy=yes}}
| [[File:GameName achievement AchievementName.jpg]] || Name || Official description || {{G|10}} || {{Bronze}}
| ...

The table contains all the achievements, with the first column containing the achievement's image, the second its name, the third its official description, the fourth its Gamerscore (if appropriate) using {{G}}, and the last its trophy, if applicable. Above the table should be a short sentence summarising the number of achievements and trophies for all systems and a breakdown of Gamerscore and trophy types. {{achievement info}} is helpful for concisely displaying Gamerscore and trophy breakouts.

If a game has several different sets of achievements (for example, single player and multiplayer achievements), they should be put into separate tables under appropriate level-two headings. Create new headings for secret achievements, multiplayer achievements or DLC achievements, and add a "General" heading to the normal achievements. When splitting up the achievements into separate sections, use __TOC__ to force a table of contents if there are less than four sections. For an example of sections in an achievement page, see Fallout 3/Achievements and trophies.


Achievement pages can be put into multiple achievement categories, depending on the systems for which they've been released.

Achievement pages should never be put straight into Category:Achievements. It is possible to find out the systems for which a game was released from the infobox on the game's main page.

Achievement images[edit]

Achievement and trophy images should be categorized in Category:Achievement images, Category:Trophy images, or both as the case may be. In addition, the images should also get the guide-specific category ([[Category:Game Name images]]). Achievement and trophy images should be at least 64 pixels wide and displayed at 64×64 pixels (set this width explicitly in the image link if they're larger), and the filename should be formed according to StrategyWiki policy, with the name of the game or its abbreviation. A well-formed filename would be: "Image:Game Name achievement Achievement Name.png".

It was mandatory since Xbox 360's inception that games for it should have achievements, and the same is true of PlayStation 3 as of 2009. Achievement and trophy images are made by the developer, so in most cases the images will be identical for each system. The exception is the PlayStation 3 platinum trophy, which rarely has a corresponding Xbox 360 achievement, and so will likely have to be found separately. For the rest of the images, if you can obtain one system's, you'll have the other's. In general, trophy images are preferred as they are of higher quality (available at 240px with transparent backgrounds). For games where the achievements themselves are different (such as when the game is ported to the other console much later), split the achievements and trophies up between two tables under separate headings. For example, Ninja Gaiden II. If just the images are different, you can add both to the Picture column (example) or if only a few images are different, just add them to the Description column (example).

Make sure when uploading an achievement or trophy image from another site, that no after effects have been added. For instance, and both shrink images down and apply a green or red border, respectively. Other sites, like whitewash their images so they don't contain the actual colors. The best way to ensure you get quality images is to take them from your own official profile (i.e. XBLA or PSN). Failing that, just make sure you are getting images that haven't been modified.

Where to find images[edit]

If you're looking for lists of achievements, they're all over the place. Put a search in for "game name achievements" and tons of links will come up. Pretty much any list you find will be usable for the purpose of creating the achievements table, however, most sites don't include an image of the achievement. For PlayStation 3 trophies, if you know someone's PSN profile name, you can view all their trophies by going to name. Hidden trophies, however, are not shown, so you would only be able to view one if you have unlocked it on your own profile.

Here is a growing list of good sites for finding unmodified achievement and trophy images, with the best sources bolded at the tops of the lists.

Xbox 360/XBLA/Windows
  • – Big list, good images.
  • Achievement Hunter - links images directly from
  • – Not a lot of games, but they get the images right off the and sites. If anyone knows how we can do that ourselves, mention it here.
  • – Careful, they sometimes have whitewashed images too.
  • – Mostly whitewashed images, but they have some good ones at times.
  • – Big list, full size images.
  • - Has many games even before they release and all high quality trophies.
  • – Lots of high quality trophy images.
  • – Good quality images, though the list isn't comprehensive.
  • – Not a lot of games, but they get the images right off the and sites. If anyone knows how we can do that ourselves, mention it here.
  • - all games with achievements are listed here with links to the achievement pages