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Of use to cleanup project members are the various tools needed to mark pages for the correct type of cleanup. In that regard, the cleanup templates category contains many valuable templates used to notify editors of problems with pages. In addition to cleanup-specific ones, you should also be familiar with the following templates:


The following are snapshot explanations of the cleanup templates you'll most likely run into.

Template Category Use
{{copyvio|source}} Possible copyright violation / No source provided Pages that appear to have been copied from another source with incompatible licensing.
{{cleanup|reason}} Pages needing cleanup Pages that either need more cleanup than a more specific tag would indicate, or pages that just need better writing or organizing.
{{company stub}} Company stubs, Companies Company category pages that don't have enough information.
{{copyedit|reason}} Pages needing copy edit Pages with improper grammar, spelling or phrasing.
{{delete|reason}} Requests for deletion Pages with no current use, either due to vandalism, housekeeping or scope, usually.
{{drivel|reason}} Pages containing drivel Pages using subjective point of view, first-person point of view, or content that makes a page too informal or off-topic.
{{needcontrols|system}} Pages lacking control images/System Pages with either no controls on them, or controls that aren't currently using images with the button templates.
{{needinfobox}} Pages needing an infobox Automatically inserted with use of the "Main page" preload button, and if certain parameters in the {{Game}} infobox aren't filled out.
{{needcat}} Pages needing categorisation Automatically inserted with use of the "Main page" preload button.
{{needimages|reason}} Pages needing images Pages with little or no images that could use some.
{{needselector}} Pages needing control selector Pages for guides that have multiple systems, and so should use the {{control selector}} template.
{{stub}} Stubs Pages that don't have enough content, per the perfect stub article.
{{system stub}} Systems, System stubs System category pages that don't have enough information.
{{series stub}} Series, Series stubs Series category pages that don't have enough info.
{{subpage}} Pages needing subpaging Pages with enough content to be put on more than one page.
{{transparency}} Images needing transparency Images that need their backgrounds converted from opaque to transparent.
{{wip}} Works in progress Pages that are being worked on, but are not yet complete.
{{wikify|reason}} Pages needing wikification Pages that aren't using any wiki markup, or are using it improperly.