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Basic terms[edit]


See #Edit.


A change or improvement to a page.

An edit was made to the walkthrough.


To reverse or remove an edit made to a page at a specific time through MediaWiki's built in reversion features.

A vandal had left pornography on the StrategyWiki terminology page, so the edit was reverted.


To relocate a page from one URL to another. Remember, pages are case-sensitive, meaning the only way to change them would be to move them.

Starfox Adventures was moved to Star Fox Adventures.


A page solely created for the purpose of redirecting users to another page, usually created to be tolerant of typos, misnomers, abbreviations and antonyms, and local names.

Mph redirects to Metroid Prime: Hunters.


To stop a page from being edited by a certain group of users. Only bureaucrats and sysops can protect pages.

The Main Page was protected from non-sysops due to its high chance of vandalism.


To remove a page entirely from StrategyWiki. Deleted pages can be recovered by the means of page histories.

Mario Adventure 2 was deleted because it was an ad for a non-existent ROM hack.