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There are three sorts of links on StrategyWiki:

  1. Internal links to pages in the wiki.
  2. External links to websites.
  3. Inter-wiki links (links to other wikis).

To add an internal link, enclose the name of the page you want to link to in double square brackets. When you save the page, you'll see the new link pointing to your page. If the page exists already, it is displayed in blue, empty pages are displayed in red. Selflinks to the current page are not transformed into URLs but are displayed in bold. (StrategyWiki:Guide/Links)

The first letter of the target page is automatically capitalized if it isn't a subpage, and spaces are represented as underscores (typing an underscore in the link will have a similar effect as typing a space, but is not recommended, since the underscore will also be shown in the text).

Links to articles in namespaces other than the mainspace must be prefixed with the namespace. In other words, to link to a template, you would use [[Template:Welcome]], not [[Welcome]]. Likewise, you would use [[:Category:Images]] rather than [[Images]]. Like the first letter of page names, the first letter of the first word after the colon in a namespace is capitalized (Template:Welcome and Template:welcome are the same link).

However, this does not hold true in the mainspace. When a link with a colon is made, and if the word preceding the colon is not a valid namespace, it is treated as part of the title in the mainspace. For instance, a link to Bully: Scholarship Edition goes to the mainspace because no "Bully" namespace exists (namespaces, i.e. reservations, cannot be made without modifying the mediawiki software). Therefore it is a different link than Bully: scholarship Edition (i.e. unless you use a namespace, an article's title, except for the first letter, is case sensitive).

How to link[edit]

Description You type… You get…
Internal link [[Main Page]] Main Page
Piped link [[Main Page|different text]] different text
Extended link [[Alien]]ated Alienated
Hidden parentheses [[Rambo (NES)|]] Rambo
On page anchor link [[#How to link|On page anchor link]] On page anchor link
Different page anchor link [[StrategyWiki:Guide/Preferences#Math|Different page anchor link]] Different page anchor link
Top page shortcut [[../Preferences#Math|Shortcut link]] Shortcut link
Shortcut name only [[../Preferences/]] Preferences
External link
External link, different title [ MediaWiki] MediaWiki
External link, unnamed [] [1]
External link, same host unnamed [http://{{SERVERNAME}}/pagename] [2]
Interwiki link [[Wikipedia:MediaWiki]] Wikipedia:MediaWiki
mailto unnamed [] [3]
mailto named [ info] info
redirect #REDIRECT [[Main Page]] Main Page