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After the initial planning stage, the next issue is how to organise the content. Unlike traditional walkthroughs, information in StrategyWiki guides should be separated into subpages when it reaches a certain length. While most games will require three or four pages at the very least, some games, like Sega Swirl, are simple enough that they can be covered on a single page.

Unlike Wikipedia, StrategyWiki uses subpages (e.g. Game Name/Walkthrough). All pages must be sub-pages of the main game page.


As with headings, page names should be capitalised correctly, with the main page of a guide taking the game's name, and sub-pages taking sentence case, apart from Table of Contents which is special. So, for example, a page on a fictional quest called "The gates of Valhalla" would be Game name/The gates of Valhalla. The only exception to this rule is if the quest name is referred to within the game with different capitalisation, the page titles here can be capitalised to match.

For information on the benefits of using sentence case in titles, see Wikipedia.

Types of subpages[edit]

There are many types of subpages that make up the guide as a whole. The most common types are explained below.


Mostly used for strategy/tactical/simulation/squad-based games, this page should provide general strategies. Mission-specific strategies should probably be covered on the page for that mission. It's also useful to spread a few handy reminders (e.g. "remember, Night Elves deal only half damage against Fell Orcs unlike the rest of their race") throughout the walkthrough.

Move lists[edit]

As a rule, only fighting games and beat 'em ups have these. Handle beat 'em up move lists much the same way as controls pages. Fighting games, however, are handled differently. Move lists are typically found in games that have a series, such as Street Fighter II. Move lists are put in two places:

  1. The Moves page for the game for which the list applies (e.g. Street Fighter Alpha 2/Moves). This page includes the complete move lists for the game in question.
  2. The character page for the series (e.g. Street Fighter Alpha/Ryu). This page includes biographical and possibly technical information about the character in question, as well as all of the move lists that apply to this character in the particular series. The move list is transcluded to this page using the {{Movelist}} template to prevent the need to copy the information in two places.

Non-English guides[edit]

At present, StrategyWiki only hosts English-language guides. If enough interest is shown in other languages, support for them can be added much like at Wikipedia. Note that this doesn't mean you can't write a guide for a game which isn't in English (although that might be hard) — it just means that currently, all guides have to be written in English.