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On StrategyWiki, anyone is free to create or modify game strategy guides! There are many ways to help out. Here are a few ideas:

  • Create a new guide for a game that doesn't have one yet. Right now we're small, but we're growing. You can help out by starting a page for your favorite game and working on it over time. Gradually, other people might contribute to your guide too, and soon it will be the best around!
  • Update an existing guide if you spot any mistakes or if you think you could say it better. This site is all about collaboration, so feel free to jump right in and contribute.
  • Photographers go into a game and take screenshots to explain parts of a game that words cannot. In a similar fashion, cartographers make maps or charts for games to better explain things. Artists hunt down official game art with which to beautify the guides. StrategyWiki guides are expected to have at the least the box artwork on the game's main page. See Category:Pages needing box artwork for a full list of pages without one.
  • Format a guide if it's looking a little bland and you're familiar with MediaWiki markup. Divide pages into sections, split long pages, add in images—anything you like to improve presentation of your favorite guide.
  • Copyedit a guide if you're a stickler for spelling and grammar and can't stand seeing a page with a mistake, fix it! With so many authors working on one guide, mistakes are bound to slip in. See Category:Pages needing cleanup for a list of pages with known problems.
  • Check for errors in cheat codes and glitch descriptions. A single button out of place could be the difference between victory and a reload screen.