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Certain information, such as methods of defeating a boss, are relatively easy to verify. Others, such as cheat device codes and patch codes are a lot more difficult or potentially damaging to verify. It's recommended that you do not add any such information unless you are 100% certain that there is no chance of it causing any harm to a users save file.

Verifying information

When adding information, make sure that you have tested the info out yourself and if you haven't personally tried a method recommended in a non-StrategyWiki guide, at least cross reference it (if possible) with other guides. However, official sources, such as the official strategy guide or similar publications (like unofficial, in-print strategy guides) are usually the definitive sources for raw data (names and statistics).

Be cautious, don't copy!

Make sure you don't copy another person's guide. Using part of a work released into under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License (CC-BY-SA) is perfectly acceptable, however when copying from another source you are required to provide a link back to the source.

Crediting others

Using content released into the public domain is also acceptable, as long as there are no restrictions on use (non-commercial only, no modifications, etc.). Requiring attribution is the only permissible restriction on a public domain work.

Rewrite any copied information, but try to paraphrase the information rather than dumping it into StrategyWiki. If you do happen to dump another's information into StrategyWiki, without written and prior permission, we are obligated to delete it, as most content on the Internet and in written format is subject to copyright.

How to credit

If you happen to use someone's work as a basis for your own, regardless of its copyright status, it is considered polite and respectful to credit the work.

The easiest way to give credit is by placing it in the comment box of the edit you are making. Typically, a credit is simply the author's name or a URL to the work. If you were to credit a magazine, you should include additional details such as the issue number, date of publication, and whatever is necessary for others to identify the source.

When mirroring an entire guide from another site, make a link to the guide on the talk page of the main page of the guide. If the guide's copyright status enforces that it be duplicated in full, this is also the location where it can be kept in its original form to comply with such stipulations. However, be aware that StrategyWiki does not publish guides in full as the community's own work. StrategyWiki works towards improving all guides. This includes revising, omitting, and separating information.

Writing aids[edit]

Over time, guide authors have developed many techniques to make writing the walkthrough easier:

  • two simultaneous saves: if the game supports it, have two save files ("A" and "B", or whatever). Play "A" to reach a certain point and write up that section, then play "B" to reach that point again and revise your description. Rinse, repeat.
  • multiple save files: if the game allows you to use multiple save files you might like to keep a completed one and then a second blank one for running through.
    • If the game allows savegame naming you should of course describe them appropriately for easy access.
    • if the game allows infinite saves you can save at every important junction in the game, allowing you to easily go back through that section.
  • recording: if it's a console game you could consider recording the gameplay using a VCR or whatever device. You can then replay or even fast forward your way through your game play. Some PC games and most emulators support recording, and there are also many recording programs such as FRAPS that can export to a movie file for easier navigating.