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All you need is a username and password.

Before you make a contribution, it is suggested that you register on StrategyWiki. Not only does this allow you to be identified and credited under one common user name, but you have access to enhanced site features and your IP address is no longer tracked. Registered users have the ability to message other editors via their talk pages, and are able to customize StrategyWiki's appearance and behavior to their liking, through the use of skins as well as personal CSS and JavaScript libraries.

All that is needed to register on StrategyWiki is a unique user name and a password (no email address is required). You can register your account here.

Security considerations[edit]

Security is highly valued by StrategyWiki's administrators, however it is your obligation to write a strong password to keep your account safe. We require that your password is at least six characters long.

  • Don't share your password. Giving out your password to other people poses a very high risk of your password being shared among multiple people, let alone being impersonated. Keep it to yourself and protect the integrity of your work.
  • Be creative with your password. Mix your passwords with numbers, capital letters, and symbols. A password that isn't in the dictionary greatly decreases the chance of being guessed by a person or computer program. Make sure your password is unique.
  • Make your password only something you would know. The first name of your neighbor's pet might make a good password, but it's no match for something only you would think of. Name a dream. Name a stray thought. A password only you would think of is a password someone who knows you well couldn't guess.
  • Register with an e-mail address. This will allow you to receive password reminders from StrategyWiki in the event that you forget your password.

Logging in[edit]

To log in, click the link at the top right of any StrategyWiki page (or click here). Enter your username and password correctly, and you're in!