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Members of the Move lists project manage the layout and completion of a comprehensive move lists for fighting games. If you wish to officially join the project, simply add [[Category:Move lists project members]] to your user page; this is voluntary and is not required to take part in project discussions or edit fighting game pages.

Table of Contents pages[edit]

For information on how to lay out the Table of Contents pages for fighting games refer to StrategyWiki:Guide/Table of contents#Fighting games.

Move list locations[edit]

Fighting games that share the same core gameplay and engine share a Table of Contents and some pages. Move lists are subpaged beneath the Characters page of the first game in the series (e.g. Street Fighter II/Characters/Ken). Text describing the character is included on this page, but the actual move list content is on a page subpaged beneath the game those moves are from (e.g. Street Fighter II/Ken and Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix/Ken) and then transcluded into the Characters page. This allows the Characters pages to list all game variant moves for that character without having to maintain several versions of the same information.

All moves for a particular game version are collected together on the Moves page (e.g. Street Fighter II/Moves). These pages have just the moves without the description text.

The Characters pages are also linked to (not transcluded) on their respective company move list pages, e.g. Capcom/Move lists#Ken Masters.

Move list presentation[edit]

Move lists are laid out using {{Command Header}}, {{Command List}} and {{Command Footer}}. Refer to those pages for usage instructions. You can look at other fighting game pages to see how the templates work. If you have any questions, ask on the project talk page.