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This page provides a target for watchlists where notifications can be posted that may normally go unseen. This is mainly used as a way to inform others that a page has been added to a category, such as requests for deletion. To get the most out of watchlisting this page, you can check the "Expand watchlist to show all changes, not just the most recent" checkbox in the Watchlist section of your preferences.

This is not a page for discussing anything posted here — follow the appropriate link(s) to comment. This page is mainly to provide notice for actions which aren't obviously uncontroversial. Please do not post notices for routine cleanup, such as tagging an unused redirect for deletion or adding {{needcontrols}} to a page. This page is not a substitute for notifying active, involved editors that you are making a big change to a page to which they've contributed. Make sure to check a page's history and inform the necessary users on the their talk pages as well.

Adding a notice[edit]

Simply add a short, single sentence list item at the top of the list including a link to the page, what your are notifying the community about, then five tildes (~~~~~) at the end for a current timestamp. For example:

* [[Page name]] reason for notification. ~~~~~

When adding a notice, please make a very clear edit summary to help people looking at their watchlist. "Page name deletion notice" is preferred to "updating" or "adding".