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For more details on bots, see StrategyWiki:Guide/Bots.
Please read and understand the front page and the Nominate page before starting a nomination.

Bot status (also required for semi-automated processes), gives the account a special flag so its edits will not show up in recent changes or users' watchlists. The bot flag is suggested for users with access to automated processes (rapid requests of data) which make many small and/or cleanup edits, to avoid unnecessarily flooding recent changes and watchlists. Users can opt to see bot edits on the recent changes page or in their preferences for watchlists.

A user must submit his/her own request for approval (a self-nomination). Please be familiar with the enforced policies and understand the nature of vandalism before submitting your request. Before updating the current requests page with your request, make sure you have completed the list of information on your desired bot account's user page.

Bot account information[edit]

If you plan to submit a bot for authorisation, please have the following information available on its user page:

  • Purpose (e.g. typo and punctuation repair)
  • Programming language and license
  • Running times, if known
  • Author and maintainer of the software (preferably with a link to their user page on StrategyWiki)

Request template[edit]

=== [[User:Your name|Your name]] ===
Insert reason for requesting bot status here, and include a link to your intended bot account's user page. Don't forget to sign your post with --~~~~