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Rollbackers on StrategyWiki are trusted users with the ability to quickly revert consecutive edits to a page by a single user. Such actions are visible in recent changes with an edit summary of "Reverted edits by ExampleUser2 (talk) to last revision by ExampleUser1". This edit summary is generated automatically and cannot be changed. There is no confirmation once the rollback link is clicked, the reversion takes effect immediately.

An automated listing of all current rollbackers may be found here.

Rollback policy[edit]

Rollbackers on StrategyWiki should use common sense when rolling back recent edits to a page. If the rollback might be disputed (since it is impossible to change the automatic summary), consider either using the normal "Undo" mechanism for reverting the change(s), or leave a message on the talk page of the user who you reverted, explaining why you did so. This is a very small percentage of reverts, however, so just use common sense and you'll be fine.

Abuse of the rollback tool will result in revocation of rollback permissions.

Requesting rollback permissions[edit]

Unlike adminship and bureaucratship, getting rollback permissions is a much less formal process. Simply copy/paste the template below in the Rollbackers section of the current requests page. A StrategyWiki bureaucrat will then review your request and decide, at their own discretion, whether to grant the permissions or not. If you are a trusted StrategyWiki user who has been around for a while and has demonstrated an initiative to revert vandalism, your request will probably be successful.

Request template[edit]

=== [[User:Your name|Your name]] ===
Insert reason for requesting rollback permissions here. Don't forget to sign your post with --~~~~