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Xevious Arrangement images

As a result of missing some of the Sols and Zos in this game (which I feared I would), I have had to move some of the images around; after several screw-ups while attempting to correct the numbering in the descriptions (which I know I will also have to do for the affected areas' pages), I must say that the unnecessary redirects "File:NCV1-XEV Area 10.png", "File:NCV1-XEV Area 13B.png" and "File:NCV1-XEV Area 14C.png" have been marked for deletion (as I have requested that the images "File:NCV1-XEV Area 13A.png" and "File:NCV1-XEV Area 14B.png" should get renamed to the second and third of those titles respectively, in order to make way for images of the Sols that I missed). Namcorules (talk) 11:00, 1 September 2018 (UTC)

Done. :) Let me know if I did anything wrong. --WarioTalk 20:16, 1 September 2018 (UTC)