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Users on StrategyWiki are all editors who have created an account. Users have additional benefits and user rights beyond what an anonymous editor can do. First and foremost users choose an account name which is used for attribution instead of an IP address. Users can also upload files to the wiki, mark their edits as minor and use Special:WatchSubPages to add pages to their watchlists. Users are also not forced to preview their work before saving.

Besides the explicit rights given by the MediaWiki software, having a user name allows you to more easily take part in the community by giving other users a means by which they may recognize you and your edits.

Autoconfirmed users[edit]

A subset of the users group, autoconfirmed users have made a certain number of edits and their accounts have been active for a certain amount of time. The requirements for becoming an autoconfirmed user are essentially meant to protect the wiki from the mass creation of user accounts for the purpose of vandalism. When a user has become autoconfirmed—automatic once the criteria are met—they no longer have to enter the captcha anti-bot measures when creating new pages or using external links in their edits as well as not requiring to preview their edits before saving. Autoconfirmed users are also trusted with the rights to move pages and edit semi-protected pages.