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Box artwork for Street Fighter: Real Battle On Film.
Street Fighter: Real Battle On Film
Publisher(s)Capcom, Acclaim Entertainment
Year released1995
System(s)PlayStation, Sega Saturn
SeriesStreet Fighter
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
Rating(s)ESRB Teen
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Street Fighter: The Movie or Street Fighter: Real Battle On Film (ストリートファイター リアルバトル オン フィルム Sutorīto Faitā Riaru Batoru On Firumu?) is a 1995 fighting game based on the 1994 Street Fighter movie based on the hugely popular Street Fighter fighting game series by Capcom. The game uses realistic, digitized computer graphics, trying to capitalize on the success of Mortal Kombat. This version of Street Fighter: The Movie is a home console version reworked by Capcom.

As with the movie it's based on, the game does not follow the official Street Fighter storyline and several existing characters' stories have been changed. Capcom developed the PlayStation and Sega Saturn versions internally, drastically changing the game from how it appeared in its arcade counterpart, including music and stages. They also used Japanese voice actors that sounded like the voices of the original characters. Capcom also reprogrammed the game engine, making it very similar to Super Street Fighter II Turbo. The character roster was changed from the arcade version. Blade, F7, Arkane and Khyber were removed and Akuma was made a hidden character. In addition, Dee Jay and Blanka have been added as playable characters. The home versions were published in North America by Acclaim.

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