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The first Street Fighter Alpha has less of a core story line than the other Street Fighter games. Instead, it details the crossing of paths and story lines particular to each character. There is no official tournament this time, only the various purposes that each character has for wandering the world in search of goals that can only be met by challenging other street fighters.

Storywise, the events in Street Fighter Alpha 2 replace those in SFA, but the general idea is the same. The original cast of SFA, including the three secret characters who are now selectable regularly, are all present, and their stories are the same. Five new playable characters are also introduced. The events in Street Fighter Alpha 3 occur after the events depicted in SFA2. The entire cast of SFA2 are all present, and their stories are the same. Several new characters are also selectable.

SFA1 Characters[edit]

Click on a character's name to be taken to their individual move list.

  • Adon: (Initially from Street Fighter) Adon was once a pupil of Sagat's, second only to him in the world of muy-thai. But after watching Sagat's defeat at the hands of Ryu, Adon lost all respect for his former master and decided to show the world that it is in fact Adon who is the muy-thai champion.
  • Birdie: (Initially from Street Fighter) Birdie was a former wrestler, turned criminal. He participated in the original Street Fighter tournament. Despite losing, he rose up the criminal ladder until he became of aware of Shadoloo. Now he seeks to work his way into their ranks and ultimately take over.
  • Charlie: (Original character) A lieutenant in the United States Air Force, Charlie was the previous winner of the U.S. Martial Arts tournament until he was beaten by Ken Masters. He then became an Interpol agent and assigned the responsibility of locating the whereabouts of the worldwide threat known as Shadoloo.
  • Chun-Li: (Initially from Street Fighter II) The Alpha depiction of Chun-Li is simply a younger, less experienced version of the Street Fighter II Chun-Li. She hasn't quite mastered some of the more difficult moves such as the Spinning Bird Kick, but her Sen'en Shuu attack shows the promise of what she will be capable of in the future.
  • Guy: (Initially from Final Fight) Guy is the 39th Bushin ninja master. The way of a Bushinryu of Ninjutsu decrees that one must fight against evil. He is seeking his master (the 38th Bushin master) Zeku, whom he needs to defeat in order to become the next Bushinryu master. During SFA, Guy is only mildly aware of Shadoloo.
  • Ken Masters: (Initially from Street Fighter) Alpha Ken is clearly younger than his Street Fighter II depiction. He still wears his hair in a long pony tail bound by a single red band. After his victory in the U.S. Martial Arts tournament, he goes in search of his greatest friend, and rival, Ryu.
  • Rose: (Original character) A gypsy and tarot card reader, Rose devines that there is a great evil in the world that must be dealt with, or many lives will perish. Determined to seek out and destroy this evil, Rose comes in contact with many of the wandering street fighters and challenges them to gauge their strength and ability to help her defeat this evil.
  • Ryu: (Initially from Street Fighter) After having won the first Street Fighting tournament, Ryu's soul is burdened with the matter of his sensei's (and foster father's) death, along with a growing power that he struggles to control since his bout with Sagat. Ryu wanders the world to discover what the true meaning of fighting is, and to find those who can teach him.
  • Sagat: (Initially from Street Fighter) One single event changed Sagat's life: the loss of his title as the street fighting champion of the world to Ryu. Taken by surprise by a sudden burst of rage, Sagat's chest was permanently scarred by the rising uppercut unleashed by Ryu. Since that day, Sagat looks upon the scar as a constant reminder that nothing matters besides training for the day when he will challenge Ryu to a rematch.
  • Sodom: (Initially from Final Fight) Born in America and obsessed with Japanese culture, Sodom would give anything to truly be considered Japanese. But the only life he knows is a life of crime as a gang leader. After the Mad Gears were defeated in the events of Final Fight, Sodom wanders the world in search of strong fighters worthy of joining his new gang.

SFA1 Secret Characters[edit]

  • M. Bison: (Initially from Street Fighter II) Although already very accomplished in his task of establishing Shadoloo as the world premier crime organization, M. Bison is still very much in the process of executing his plans for total world domination. He is preoccupied with gathering data on many of the world's greatest fighters that might be used as pawns in his schemes.
  • Akuma: (Initially from Super Street Fighter II Turbo) Unconcerned with the politics of the world he lives in, Akuma seeks only the greatest fighters in the world to satiate his lust for battle. Having recently killed his own brother in a murderous battle, Akuma roams the Earth in search of his next greatest opponent.
  • Dan: (Original character) In essence, Dan's story is that he is seeking revenge for his father's death at the hands of Sagat. But Dan's presence is actually a joke being played by Capcom on their biggest rival (at the time), SNK. Capcom set about designing a humorous version of a character that resembles one SNK's main fighting characters. Dan is basically the body of Ryo Sakazaki with the head of Robert Garcia from the Art of Fighting game. Dan, although playable, has absurdly ineffective moves in comparison to the rest of the cast of fighters.

SFA2 Characters[edit]

  • Dhalsim: (Initially from Street Fighter II) A younger Dhalsim appears in SFA2, but seems identical in many respects to his Super Street Fighter II Turbo iteration. A rare appearance from a street fighter's wife occurs on Dhalsim's stage, as Sally can be seen cheering Dhalsim on from the sidelines.
  • Gen: (Initially from Street Fighter) Gen is a martial arts master whose power was once right up there with Akuma, Gouken, and possibly even Goutetsu. Older and more feeble now, he continues to challenge all oncomers in the hopes of dying in battle, rather than to age. Gen practices two distinct forms of Kung Fu and he can switch between them at will. A great friend of Chun Li's father, Gen trained Chun Li, who she considers a foster father since her own father's death. Gen is also the grandfather of Yun and Yang from Street Fighter III
  • Rolento: (Initially from Final Fight) Another high-ranking gang member in the Mad Gears gang that Sodom belong too, Rolento aspires for civilian peace through military tyranny. However, he is unable to command the loyalty of any but a few special forces companions. But for now, his mission is strictly revenge on Guy for the events that took place in the first Final Fight.
  • Sakura: (Original character) Although Sakura was originally intended to be another character that poked fun of the SNK NeoGeo franchises the way that Dan did, Sakura became a popular and respected character in her own right. After seeing Ryu fight in a battle one day, Sakura's only ambition has been to find Ryu and beg him to train her, even if it means dragging her schoolmate all around the world to find him.
  • Zangief: (Initially from Street Fighter II) A little younger and a lot more brash than his Super Street Fighter II Turbo version, Alpha Zangief still has yet to prove himself to the world, and more importantly to his homeland, as the worlds greatest wrestling fighter. Big on showmanship and full of confidence, Zangief is about to let the world know of his greatness.

SFA3 Characters[edit]

These new characters are initially selectable in SFA3

  • Blanka: (Initially from Street Fighter II) A little younger and a little wilder, Blanka is still a cheerful and good-hearted fighter. It seems that he shares a friendship with Dan.
  • Cammy: (Initially from Super Street Fighter II) Although present as a hidden character in the Saturn version SFA2 Gold, Cammy officially enters the Alpha series here. She is somewhere between being under M. Bison's control as one of the 12 Killer Bees, and questioning her purpose in life.
  • Cody: (Initially from Final Fight) Once a proud hero of Metro City, Cody is depicted in Alpha 3 is an escaped convict. The story relating this unfortunate circumstance is told in Final Fight Revenge where corrupt cop and former Mad Gears gang member Edi E. framed Cody for a crime he did not commit as an act of revenge.
  • E. Honda: (Initially from Street Fighter II) E. Honda's presence in the Alpha 3 series does more to promote the game's ties to the original Street Fighter II than anything for the story. E. Honda is still trying to prove that Sumo Wrestling is the greatest form of martial arts.
  • Karin Kanzuki: (Original character) Karin is thought to be to Ken what Sakura is to Ryu: a younger female version. But Karin's style is distinctly different from Ken's or any other character's. She is a wealthy rival of Sakura's and she employs a lot of combination and counter attacks.
  • Rainbow Mika: (Original character) R. Mika is an energetic and charismatic wrestler. She is most easily explained as a female version of Zangief, but she has her own wide array of wrestling holds, including a super move that requires fast entry to pull off a dizzying selection of moves.
  • Vega: (Initially from Street Fighter II) M. Bison's Spanish assassin appears with his familiar claw and mask. In Alpha, it is actually possible to knock off Vega's claw and mask, but he can quickly pick them back up. Vega is generally considered to be in charge of M. Bison's Killer Bee squad.

SFA3 Secret Characters[edit]

These characters are secret in the original SFA3 and must be unlocked. They are ordinarily selectable in the Dreamcast version and beyond.

  • Balrog: (Initially from Street Fighter II) The disgraced boxer appears as a bodyguard and henchman under M. Bison's direct employment. He is often dispatched to do away with you before you must ultimately face M. Bison himself.
  • Juli: (Original character) Juli is one of M. Bison's 12 Killer Bees. She is a brainwashed assassin with a fighting style similar to Cammy's. She frequently fights side by side with her partner Juni. In Street Fighter Alpha 3 it's strongly hinted that Juli is T. Hawk's younger sister, captured long ago by M. Bison.
  • Juni: (Original character) Juni is also a Killer Bee. Undergoing the process of transformation to a Killer Bee, Juni is stripped of her identity and taught only to execute the will of M. Bison. Juni frequently attacks her targets with her partner Juli.

SFA3 Upper Characters[edit]

Rounding out the cast in SFA3 Upper are the remaining characters from Super Street Fighter II that have not yet appeared in the Alpha series. These characters are selectable in the Dreamcast version and beyond.

  • Dee Jay: (Initially from Super Street Fighter II) Dee Jay is out to show the world his combination of rhythm and fighting style.
  • Evil Ryu: (Initially from SFA2) The Ryu of Murderous Intent makes an official appearance as his own character this time around.
  • Fei Long: (Initially from Super Street Fighter II) Fei Long is a successful martial artist and actor who is out to prove that his moves are not just camera magic.
  • Guile: (Initially from Street Fighter II) At long last, Guile is brought in to the fold as he bravely follows Shadoloo's trail to find the whereabouts of his friend and commander, Charlie.
  • T. Hawk: (Initially from Super Street Fighter II) T. Hawk suspects that Shadoloo is behind the kidnapping of his younger sister, and is determined to find the source of the brainwashed Killer Bees.

SFA3 Double Upper Characters[edit]

When SFA3 appeared on the Game Boy Advance, Crawfish Interactive saw fit to introduce three new characters from the Capcom universe who recently appeared in Capcom vs. SNK 2. These characters are selectable in the Game Boy Advance version and beyond.

  • Eagle: (Initially from Street Fighter) After having not been heard from since the initial Street Fighting tournament, Baton wielding Eagle is back to steal the spotlight from his unsophisticated rival, Birdie.
  • Maki Genryusai: (Initially from Final Fight 2) Maki aided Haggar in the second Final Fight adventure when Guy was unavailable. Maki has a similar fighting style to Guy's.
  • Yun: (Initially from Street Fighter III) The only character from the SF3 series to be brought back in time, Yun would be a mere child during the events of the Alpha series. His presence is merely a "what if" scenario.

SFA3 MAX Characters[edit]

As Capcom prepared an even bigger SFA3 for the PSP, they decided upon the inclusion of the mysterious Ingrid from Capcom Fighting Evolution. This character is presently only selectable on the PSP.

  • Ingrid: (Initially from Capcom Fighting Evolution) Very little is known about this mysterious girl, but she claims to use the sun as the very source of her powers.