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Edmond Honda, more commonly known as E. Honda, has black hair in a chonmage and wears only a blue yukata. His face is painted in the kumadori style of makeup used in kabuki. Honda's signature move is the "Hyaku Retsu Harite" (lit., "Hundred Violent Sumo Hands"; commonly referred to as the Hundred Hand Slap.)

E. Honda began his training as a child, singularly focused on becoming the greatest sumo wrestler of all time. He would eventually achieve the highly-revered titled of "Ōzeki" (in the English localization, he was incorrectly stated as having achieved the title, Yokozuna). E. Honda became upset that the rest of the world did not view sumo wrestling with the reverence of the Japanese. He entered into the second World Warrior tournament intent on showing everyone that sumo wrestlers rank among the greatest fighters in the world.

Key Battles[edit]

Battle Opponent
Street Fighter Alpha 3 5th Fight Ryu
Street Fighter Alpha 3 9th Fight Sodom
Street Fighter Alpha 3 Boss M. Bison


Name Description
Hyakuretsu Harite E. Honda has mastered the art of the Sumo hand slap. He can do it so well and so quickly, that his hands appear as a blur. Honda is able to move while performing this move. Using Light Punch makes him stand still, using Medium Punch makes him move forward a little, and using Hard Punch makes him move forward some distance.
Super Zutsuki E.Honda charges up some energy before jumping off the ground and propelling his body head-first into his opponent. After colliding with them, he flips back over and lands on his feet.
Super Hyakkan Otoshi E.Honda launches himself high into the air, and crashes back down to the ground, leading with his bottom. He attempts to crush his opponent by landing on them, and it serves as an overhead attack.
Ooichou Nage E.Honda picks up the opponent, flips them onto the ground, and immediately jumps on top of them with a crushing hop. Being a throw move, it's unblockable.
Flying Sumo Press After jumping up in the air, E. Honda attempts to land back down on the opponent with a belly flop.
Hiza Geri E. Honda attacks his opponent with a quick knee thrust.
Harai Geri E. Honda extends his legs and performs a wide sweeping kick along the floor.
Oni Musou E. Honda uses his stored up energy to execute two consecutive flying torpedo attacks back to back. If it is a level 3 super, he will follow up with a Hyakuretsu Harite.
Fuji Oroshi E.Honda headbutts the opponent, then tries to throw them. If he succeeds, the opponent is thrown upwards and he follows up with a Super Hyakkan Otoshi.
Orochi Kudaki E.Honda slams the opponent towards the ground, lunges and spins mid-air, and rockets his body on the enemy below.


Street Fighter Alpha 3[edit]

Portrait SFA3 EHonda.png
Name Input
XAV Tawara Nage Arcade-Stick-Left.png or Arcade-Stick-Right.png+ Arcade-Button-2xPunch.png
XAV Saba Ori Arcade-Stick-Left.png or Arcade-Stick-Right.png+ Arcade-Button-2xKick.png
XAV Tsuriyane Nage Control-Modifier-Air.pngArcade-Stick-Left.png or Arcade-Stick-Right.png+ Arcade-Button-2xPunch.png
X   Flying Sumo Press Control-Modifier-Air.pngArcade-Stick-Down.png+ Arcade-Button-MKick.png
X   Hiza Geri Arcade-Stick-Left.pngorArcade-Stick-Right.png+ Arcade-Button-MKick.png
X   Harai Geri Arcade-Stick-Left.pngorArcade-Stick-Right.png+ Arcade-Button-HKick.png
 AV Flying Sumo Press Control-Modifier-Air.png Arcade-Button-MKick.png
 AV Hiza Geri Arcade-Stick-Right.png+ Arcade-Button-MKick.png
 AV Harai Geri Arcade-Stick-Right.png+ Arcade-Button-HKick.png
XAV Hyakuretsu Harite Control-Modifier-Tap.png Arcade-Button-Punch.png
XAV Super Zutsuki Arcade-Stick-CBF.png+ Arcade-Button-Punch.png
XAV Super Hyakkan Otoshi Arcade-Stick-CDU.png+ Arcade-Button-Kick.png
XAV Ooichou Nage Arcade-Stick-360.png+ Arcade-Button-Punch.png
XA  Oni Musou Arcade-Stick-CBF.pngArcade-Stick-LR.png+ Arcade-Button-Punch.png
 A  Fuji Oroshi Arcade-Stick-CBF.pngArcade-Stick-LR.png+ Arcade-Button-Kick.png
 A  Orochi Kudaki Arcade-Modifier-Max.pngArcade-Stick-360.pngArcade-Stick-360.png+ Arcade-Button-Punch.png