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Street Fighter EX[edit]

  • Chun-Li: Having recently graduated at the top of her class from the Interpol academy, Chun-Li is ready to lead the investigation that will bring down M. Bison, her father's murderer.
  • Cracker Jack: With little else to do in life, he accepts a job as Blair Dame's bodyguard, only to become recruited into Shadowloo by M. Bison.
  • Doctrine Dark: A deranged psychopath who mistakenly believes that his squadron was lead to their doom by Guile, he seeks to fight against Guile and avenge his fallen comrades.
  • Guile: A Lieutenant in the United States Air Force, he suspects that his friend and commander has met his demise at the hands of M. Bison while on a covert operation, and he intends to find out the truth directly from M. Bison.
  • Hokuto: When her brother mysteriously disappeared from home, she set out to find him, even if it meant traveling the whole world. But can she contain the Chi no Fuuin force the is building inside her?
  • Ken Masters: Having found little satisfaction in winning the recent fighting tournaments in the United States, he anxiously awaits a world wide tournament, and the possibility of fighting his friend and rival Ryu.
  • Pullum Purna: Determined to show the world that women are just as good fighters as men, she travels from her home with bodyguard Darun, who her father hired to protect her.
  • Ryu: Troubled by the circumstances surrounding his recent victory over Thai kick-boxing champion Sagat that caused him to lose control of his power, he enters this new tournament to learn more about himself… and the true nature of Satsui no Hadou.
  • Skullomania: Determined to win his people's freedom by becoming the champion of a nation, and overthrow his own brother, Skullomania joins the tournament to acquire fame and the pride of his people.
  • Zangief: He is determined to show the world that only mother Russia can produce the greatest wrestlers in the world. The Red Cyclone will take down all challengers.

Time release characters[edit]

  • Allen Snider: Known throughout the United States as a champion martial artist, he is determined to take the title to the next level in a world wide tournament… that is, until he meets Ken.
  • Blair Dame: A privileged girl with a rather sheltered childhood now seeks to explore the world, and find opportunities to test her own martial arts training against others.
  • Darun Mister: An Indian wrestler who heard about the mighty Zangief and traveled the world to find him, he ran out of funds in an Arabian country and accepted a body guard position to pay his fare home.
  • Kairi: The mysterious brother who disappeared from his home, being sought by Hokuto. Trouble by a memory that is eroding and being replaced by images of the death of his sisters, he flees his clan to protect them. He seeks to find out what fate has in store for him.

EX Plus[edit]

  • Akuma: Although selectable in the first EX game by a secret code, Akuma is made available in EX Plus. He enters the tournament purely to find those who would become worthy challenges for him later in life, but he finds more than he bargained for.
  • Cycloid β and γ: Not really characters per se, but 3D models that are composites of several other fighters.
  • Garuda: A demonic force that represents, and is fueled by, Satsui no Hadou. The more a fighter taps into Satsui no Hadou to defeat him, the strong her becomes. Only one fighter is destined to destroy him… unless Garuda can destroy that fighter first.
  • Bloody Hokuto: When Hokuto falls victim to the effects of Chi no Fuuin, she loses control of her mind and is possessed by the fighting spirits of all the ancestors of her clan. With this extension of power comes a devastating price.
  • M. Bison: On the verge of building the most massive crime syndicate and underground army, M. Bison seeks to discover only the strongest fighters in the world, and recruit them into his army.
  • Ryu, Evil: The forces of Satsui no Hadou are welling up in Ryu, and Ryu must decide if he wishes to walk down the darkened path that Akuma treads in order to become stronger, or if he will tap the limits of his own physical strength without its aid.

EX Plus α[edit]

  • Dhalsim: This pacifist fights only to raise money for his impoverished village, and to guide those who need his assistance to the path of enlightenment.
  • Sakura Kasugano: A young school girl who loves to be the best at everything, she becomes infatuated with Street Fighting when she observes Ryu in combat. Now she seeks to track him down and ask him to be her sensai.

Street Fighter EX2[edit]

  • Blanka: A young boy who grew up in the jungles of Brazil with a severe mutation that grants him immense power along with a beast like appearance. Inside the body of the beast is a good natured soul.
  • Hayate: The lover of Hokuto, he stays close to her side to aid her in the search for her missing brother. Tragedy befalls him at the end of the second tournament.
  • Nanase: The youngest sister of Hokuto and Kairi, she decides to take matters into her own hands when she hears no news of her sister or her efforts to find their brother. Will she be the one to find Kairi and rescue him?
  • Shadow Geist: The older brother to Skullomania, he assumed power after the two of them wrested control of their country, side by side, from the previous tyrant. Now he must crush his own brother to curb Skullomania's efforts to remove him from power.
  • Sharon: The sister to Blair Dame, she attended an elite boarding school for trained assassins. As part of her final exam and to prove her loyalty, she must succeed in killing one target: her sister.
  • Vega: The sadistic and loyal henchmen of M. Bison, he is sent to scout the circumstances surrounding the second tournament. A chance encounter with another fighter gives him a chance to push that fighter over the edge for his own amusement.

EX2 Plus[edit]

  • Area: A young girl with an unbelievable bank account who wishes to prove that technology will always triumph against raw brute strength.
  • Sagat: The former world champion kick boxer is anxiously awaiting the day when he can have his rematch with Ryu and prove once and for all that Ryu's victory over him was a fluke.
  • Vulcano Rosso: A mysterious fighter who seems to be able to command the forces of the earth itself.

Street Fighter EX3[edit]

  • Ace: A secret government agent from an undiclosed nation who has the special ability to learn the techniques of his opponent after gathering battle data.