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Tradition and innovation[edit | edit source]

The special weapons in Street Fighter X Mega Man are consistent with the previous games in the series. Specifically, most of them can be seen as improvements or evolutions of other weapons.

In other words, the weapons in Street Fighter X Mega Man are neither copies of older ones, nor a total break with the past, thus fitting well in a new episode of Mega Man's saga.

  • Blanka's Tropical Hazard: it is similar to the Mega Ball from Mega Man 8, but it has the improved feature of kicking the ball/watermelon in two directions: straight or in an arc.
  • Rose's Soul Satellite: it continues the tradition of the "rolling shields" found in the series and started with Fire Man's Fire Storm in Mega Man 1; the new feature is that pressing "shot" once creates the rolling shield, and pressing it more times shoots more projectiles in a straight line.
  • Rolento's Mine Sweeper: it reminds of Napalm Man's Napalm Bomb from Mega Man 5; the new feature is the ability of dropping mines while sliding.
  • Urien's Aegis Reflector: it reminds of Enker's Mirror Buster from Mega Man 1 for GB; differences are that this reflector stays where it is created and two of them can be made at the same time.
  • Ryu's Hadoken: it reminds of Heat Man's Atomic Fire from Mega Man 2, but it requires far less energy and has a shorter charging time.
  • Chun Li's Lightning Kick: there are a few melee weapons in the series, and probably the most similar one is Slash Man's Slash Claw from Mega Man 7; the Lightning Kick has the added feature of slowing down a fall.
  • C. Viper's Optical Laser: it is similar to the Laser Shot from Mega Man 8, but piercing shots like this are also found in the Mega Man X and Mega Man Zero sub-series.
  • Dhalsim's Yoga Inferno: it reminds of Burner Man's Wave Burner from Mega Man & Bass, but it has better range and an improved control on the direction of the flame.