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Street Football
Box artwork for Street Football.
Developer(s)Bally Sente
Publisher(s)Bally Sente
Release date(s)
Genre(s)American football
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
TwitchStreet Football Channel
Street Football marquee

Street Football is an American football arcade game that was released by Bally and Sente in 1986; it was the last of the third batch of games to run on their SAC-I hardware, and the players must use two trackballs, to take control of the three-player "Blue" (1P) and "Red" Teams (2P), with a singular button for passing (the indicator on the left screen side determines how far it will go). A timer at the top of the screen shows both players how much time is remaining - and the players shall also have to watch out for cars, dogs, open manholes and paperboys. Just like in any real American football match, the team who has the most points when the timer runs out will get declared the winners, unless there is a draw; it is also worth noting that if only one player is present, the Red Team shall get controlled by the CPU.

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