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You start in a large, fancy hallway. Begin by walking left.

Fight 1

A surprise attack of two tables, one on the upper side of the walkway and one on the lower side, will come flying from the left. You can punch the table or jump over it. Four Garcias, a Signal, and a Nora come out to fight (Sega Genesis 2 player; remove this if you see the same thing in single player on a newer console). There is a knife on the ground but unless you knock them all over you will likely be hit while picking it up. After you defeat an enemy, a red Garcia will appear. The GO symbol will tell you to move left after this fight.

You will eventually see some meat to fill your lifebar to full. When you do see that, expect to fight a recurring boss again, so be prepared:

  • Antonio (Stage 1) - 2 of them if 2 players.
  • Souther (Stage 2) - 2 of them if 2 players.
  • Abadede (Stage 3) - 2 of them if 2 players.
  • Bongo (Stage 4) - 2 of them if 2 players.
  • Mona and Lisa (Stage 5)

After defeating Mona and Lisa, you will enter the door to Mr. X himself. He will them ask if you want to join his syndicate. The choice here will affect the progress of the game:

  • Say Yes: Go back to Stage 6.
  • 1 Player says Yes and other player says no: Both players fight it out. Bad ending.
  • Say No: Proceeds to Mr X's Henchmen before fighting him. Good ending.

Mr. X will rush to attack you. If he runs upper left or upper right of the corner, he will prepare to use the Machine Gun straight, diagonal, and downwards. The bullets will hit enemies as well.