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Sega ported Streets of Rage to arcade cabinets using both their Mega Tech and Mega Play arcade boards, the difference being that in the Mega Tech version you pay for time, not credits.

Sega Genesis[edit]

Sega Genesis

The original 16-bit release of Streets of Rage in 1991. Contains all original content.

Sega Master System[edit]

Sega Master System

Also released in 1991, similar to the Genesis version but with poorer graphics. It also features an exclusive Stage 6 boss not found in any other version.

Sega Game Gear[edit]

Sega Game Gear

The Game Gear version suffers from the poorer colour palette and gameplay of the two. The Game Gear version omits Adam from the game and does not have the sprite animation for kneeing enemies.


Sega Genesis (GameTap)

GameTap offers the Genesis version running under emulation.