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  • You will automatically grab an opponent if you are close enough. Once you are holding him you can use different attacks, which do a lot more damage than normal attacks.
  • There is no limit on the number of times you can use a special attack. However, using these attacks drains your Life gauge. A stationary attack only drains your life if you hit an enemy with it, a directed special attack always drains your life. If you are low on life you will not be able to use your special attacks.
  • Max does not have the moves "Power throw" and "Flurry 2". This is compensated by the fact that he is the strongest character and so the moves he has do more damage. "Atomic drop", his "Super slam", is the most powerful move in the game.
  • Executing a move for which you have to grab your opponent will make you drop your weapon if you are holding one.


Attack Axel Blaze Max Skate
Regular attack Jab Jab Chop Jab
Fury of attacks 2x Jab, Straight, Middle kick, High kick 2x Jab, Elbow smash, High kick 2x Chop, Right punch, Hammer punch 2x Jab, Heel kick, Roller kick with back flip
Single attack High kick High kick Hammer punch Roller kick
Blitz attack Grand uppercut Vertical slash Power slide Super dash/dynamite head butt
Rear attack Backhand punch 360° sweep Mule kick Backflip kick
Jump attacks
Jump attack Side kick Side kick Drop kick Side kick
Drop attack Knee press Flying chop Elbow drop Roller press
While holding an opponent
Power blow Head butt Throw N/A Head butt
Flurry 1 Knee kick, Head butt Knee kick, Throw Bear punch 2x Head butt, Elbow smash
Flurry 2 4x Knee kick 2x Knee kick, Elbow smash N/A 2x Knee kick, Head butt
Body throw Back throw Back sacrifice throw Brain buster Roller uppercut
Super slam Body slam Back drop Atomic drop Neck throw
Special attacks
Stationary Dragon wing Embukyaku Knuckle bomb Double spin kick
Directed Dragon smash Kikousho Thunder tackle Corkscrew kick


Attack Genesis Sega Master System Game Gear Wii Xbox 360
Regular attack B button 1 button
Fury of attacks B button repeatedly 1 button repeatedly
Single attack Hold and release B button
Blitz attack (Left dpadLeft dpad or Right dpadRight dpad) + B button (Left dpadLeft dpad or Right dpadRight dpad) + 1 button
Rear attack B button + C button 1 button + 2 button
Jump attacks
Jump attack (Left dpad or Right dpad) + C button + B button (Left dpad or Right dpad) + 2 button, then 1 button
Drop attack C button + Down dpad + B button 2 button, then hold Down dpad + 1 button
While holding an opponent
Power blow wait a second, then B button 1 button
Flurry 1 B button repeatedly Hold Left dpad or Right dpad toward enemy, then 1 button
Flurry 2 (Left dpad or Right dpad) toward enemy + B button repeatedly
Body throw (Left dpad or Right dpad) away from enemy + B button (Left dpad or Right dpad) away from enemy + 1 button
Super slam C button + B button 2 button 1 button
Special attacks
Stationary A button Hold Left dpad or Right dpad, then 1 button + 2 button
Directed B button + A button Left dpad Right dpad, then 1 button + 2 button
While being thrown
Avoid damage Hold Up dpad, and then tap C button