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The game has 4 different endings:

ENDING 1: Easy-Mode Mockery[edit]

If playing the game on Easy mode, the game will end after completing Stage 5. After defeating Robot X, you see an unresolved ending with Mr X that hints at playing the next difficulty mode.

ENDING 2: The Unresolved[edit]

If you fail to save the general/chief, you'll branch to play Round 7B (The City Hall/The White House). At the end of this, you have to face a stronger Shiva as the last boss, instead of Robot Y (known as Neo X in Bare Knuckle 3).

ENDING 3: The Disaster[edit]

If you do rescue the general/chief, you'll branch to play Round 7A (The Robot Facility). You are expected to defeat Robot Y within a time limit. If you beat it after the timer expires, the bombs will still detonate in the city, turning it into a complete ruin.

ENDING 4: The Best (Canon)[edit]

Same as ENDING 3, but destroy Robot Y before the timer expires. The bombs are defused and the city is saved. This is the best (and Canon) ending of the game.