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In the instruction manual of the game there is an introduction for every level, as it is mentioned below.

  • Round 1: Harbour - Get your lead from the punks and begin your search at this coastal harbour!
  • Round 2: Nightclub - Fight your way through Syndicate-controlled streets and confront the criminal element at a local hotspot!
  • Round 3: Construction Site - Follow the Syndicate's trail through this hazardous construction site and watch for Donovan's revenge attack! A cargo elevator takes you to the roof where you will discover a vital clue!
  • Round 4: Subway - Move through this hidden subway tunnel being used for illegal cargo hauling! Confront an army of ninjas and their leader, the ninjitsu-magic wielding Yamato!
  • Round 5: Syndicate Hideout - You've reached the Syndicate Hideout! Battle your way to the top level where Mr. X awaits you.... or does he?
  • Round 6: Save the Chief of Police - You have three minutes to rescue the Syndicate's valuable hostage before a deadly nerve toxin is vented into the building. Can you rescue him in time? Good luck!
  • Round 7A: Syndicate Robot Factory (If the Chief of Police lives in Round 6) - You've arrived at the Syndicate Stronghold! After fighting your way through a trap-laden forest, you'll enter Dr. Dahm's laboratory where you'll confront a legion of X Robots! The battle ahead will be fierce, and you can expect to face Dahm and Mr. X one final time. But the evil mastermind has a hidden ace up his sleeve...
  • Round 7B: City Hall/White House (If the Chief of Police dies in Round 6) - An imposter has taken Petrov's place at a press conference at the White House! You must battle your way through and expose the Syndicate as the true culprits to the world's media!

Several pre-release screenshots show that Round 7 originally contained a section where the players got to ride the motorcycles they are so often attacked by. This section was removed for the final version, but is still playable (though buggy and unfinished) with a Game Genie code in the Japanese version.