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Division III has drivers Dare Devil, High Flyer, and Bully Boy. By the time you reach the division, the drivers may get mixed up a little.

Stepping Stones[edit]

This is a clockwise track - the major feature is the frequent holes on the opposite side of the track.

A bit after the starting line is a small pit, which can be jumped simply by accelerating. After the first turn will be an upward ramp, followed by a pit. While you can jump this using turbo, you will take a bit of damage but it won't be critical.

To get past the "stepping stones", you must make the first jump at exactly 150 Km/h (although there is some room for error). If you drive too fast, you will hit overshoot a stone, and receive permanent damage from the vertical wall. You will also be out of the race, since the helicopter will drop you before the stones, and you will never be fast enough to get clear the series of jumps. If you drive a bit too slow, you may catch the right part of the track, but will still take permanent damage. Feel free to use burn if you are slowing down too much along the series of jumps - your speed should be between 140 and 150 past the first.

After the third turn, you can use the burn here to gain speed. However, exercise caution just after the starting line, as going too fast will launch you into the air, and an unlucky speed may cause you to strike the pit.

Big Ramp[edit]

After the starting line is a set of moguls, designed to keep you at a low speed. While you can accelerate, you should maintain your normal maximum speed. Once you reach the first bend, try to use turbo to reach 170 Km/h, and make the jump at 165. Repeat with the second jump; clear it at 165 Km/h (although the jump can still work at slower speeds, but you don't want to risk that)

For the third jump, you need to be precise. When you approach the second turn, engage turbo and hug the right-hand (or outer) part of the track. When it the track levels out after the turn, your vehicle should maintain contact, and allow you to accelerate and exceed 201 Km/h.

If you hugged the inside of the track, you will only reach 200Km/h because of the smaller travel distance and because your car will be slightly above the track during the crucial acceleration period. This is not enough to clear the jump, although you may still be in the race even if you take damage. However, you cannot be just short with your jump three times, since your racer isn't designed for that kind of abuse.