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In the first season, you will be paired with rookie drivers Jumping Jack and Road Hog.

Little Ramp[edit]

Little Ramp

This is a small and simple track with only two jumps. It is a three-sided trangle, with the cars moving clockwise around the track. You are given 33 units of turbo.

After the first turn, you will encoutner the jump just after the up-ramp. You need to be moving at least 160 to make this jump. The next turn is followed by another small jump, which should be easily handled, and is followed by a ramp that stays level until it turns towards the goal.

After the third turn, with the goal line in sight, you can proceed at maximum turbo.

Hump Back[edit]

Hump Back

The Hump Back is the second track, and while longer, isn't more difficult. It is a four-sided square track, with two large ramps, and only one small jump near the end of the track. You have 40 nitro units to burn through, as you race counter-clockwise.

The first turn leads to a simple ramp which lowers as it reaches the corner. The second turn leads to a straightaway that has bumps on the left and right of the track. The next turn is part of the second ramp. After the fourth turn is a small jump, just before an S-turn leading to the goal.