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After launching the game (either booting from floppy or by other means), you have a choice of a single-player race or multiplayer game.

The single player option places you in a league where you need to eventually win in Division I. You also have the option to practice on individual tracks among the four divisions.


The HUD - timers and race info shown at the bottom.
  1. Damage meter. A crack will form from the left indicating the amount of damage received. Holes from the right indicate permanent damage that increases the rate at which the crack forms.
  2. Speedometer
  3. Lap count and Nitro.
  4. Distance from rival. Positive indicates opponent is leading, and negative indicates he is lagging behind. The adjecent flag is lit if you are leading.
  5. Timers; current lap time shown on top, and best lap time on the bottom. The stopwatch icon is lit if you have the best lap.