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Racing seasons[edit]

Each racing season consists of six matches within a division among the three competitors. The top-two ranking drivers race first, followed by the first and third place competitors, and the second and third.

Winning a match is worth 2 points, while getting the best lap time is worth 1 point. However, aborting a race will cause you to forfeit all points, giving the 3 points to the rival. At the end of each set of six races, the total number of points are compared. The highest-ranked player will be promoted to the next division. The lowest-ranked player is relegated to an easier division.

When an individual season is finished, you can save the progress to disk.

Racing Mechanics[edit]

The game takes place in a true 3D environment, on a raised track.

A race will commence by a drop start, where the cars are lifted by helicopter, and dropped a short distance onto the track, with the race starting instantly. To win the race, the player needs to drive as fast as possible, while avoiding destruction of the car.

There is a specific amount of extra fuel provided for each track, which is used for turbo acceleration. The car will normally accelerate to 170km/h, but turbo can increase this to 230km/h.

The car will automatically center its heading if the joystick is not pressed. However, you will still need to manually turn left or right on turns.

All tracks will have hazards. They can range from bumps, ramps, pits or jumps. While a simple bump may be harmless, some of these hazards need to be handled by driving a minimal speed, and others with a maximum speed. Even if handled properly, they may still cause some damage to the car by developing a crack on the dashboard. However, critically failing to avoid a hazard (e.g. falling into a pit and hitting the black wall) will punch a hole in the dashboard that doesn't get repaired between races.