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Sudden Attack
Box artwork for Sudden Attack.
Publisher(s)Flag of Malaysia.svgFlag of Singapore.svg AsiaSoft
Flag of the United States.svgFlag of the United Kingdom.svg GameHi
Release date(s)
Flag of the United States.svg September, 2009
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg September, 2009
KMRB: KMRB 15.gif Everyone 15+ (No blood)
KMRB: KMRB R.gif Restricted (With blood)
TwitchSudden Attack Channel
YouTube GamingSudden Attack Channel

Sudden Attack (Korean: 서든어택) is a free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter online game developed by the South Korean company, GameHi. There are two teams in the game, red and blue. Red is the Tanzirilo Independence Force (Silent Fox corps) while blue is the United Great Force (SA Anti-terrorist Police). Teams are then pitched into various types of gameplay matches in different maps such as deathmatch, bomb defusal etc. They both have to battle each other to win the match. The game contains players up to 16 Players. This game is a rival to another Korean company, Nexon, which made a similar game called Combat Arms.

In the year 2017, an SA policeman is guided to protect a laboratory. He then sees a top secret file about the United Great Force's nuclear attack on the general population scheduled for 2019. He then is spotted. All the SA soldiers confront him but he fights back and manages to escape. He told everyone and shows the evidence for it. Then a group of former SA soldiers calling themselves the Tanzirilo Independence Force fight the SA at South Water Defense Port. Hearing about this, people started to join them. Now they have a large army fight for control before the SA launch the nuclear assault.

Table of Contents

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