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Your mother, Amariss, calls you downstairs. She has you enter your desired character name and tells you some background information. Today is the opening ceremony for the tournament that is going to decide who the next Craftknight will be. Since your father, Shintetsu, was the Craftknight of Iron this is something you have been training for and aspire to become someday. The tournament's don't happen very frequently so this is your big chance.

Before letting you leave Amariss gives you your Father's Charm. It was a good luck charm that she had made for him a long time ago. Three years ago before his mysterious death he left the charm with Amariss and now it is yours.

It is important to grab 2 key items in your house before leaving. If you do not you will have to go out of your way to come back and get them.

  1. The Entrance Ticket is in a dresser on the top floor. It should be in the top right corner of the room. You can't get into the opening ceremony without this.
  2. Your Water Scooter is in the bottom right corner of the bottom floor. With this you will be able to travel in areas covered with water. Since a large fraction of town is covered in water this will be very convenient while exploring. Note: When walking towards a water area you can travel in the scooter will instantly work. You will not need to equipt or activate it once you have acquired it.


Once you are done preparing for the opening ceremony you will have your first chance to explore the city. Follow the path to the left. It will lead directly to the central tower where the ceremony is being held today. Your master, Bron, greets you before reaching the tower. Bron is the master of the Silver guild where you are an apprentice. During this small cutscene Bron will ask you a few questions. The answers will only effect the dialog so answer how you wish. After the cutscene travel up when possible. It will lead directly to the tower's entrance.

The opening ceremony[edit]

Entrance Ticket
If you did not yet grab the Entrance Ticket in the dresser on the 2nd floor of your house you will be denied entry to the opening ceremony. They will not let you in without it.

After entering the tower is your first opportunity to save. The save point is in the lower right corner of the 1st floor.

The ceremony is on the second floor. Follow the stairs that are in the bottom left corner of the first floor to get there. All of the other doors will be blocked off by guards. The entrance to the ceremony is a door centered on the northern wall of the 2nd floor. Enter there to begin the cutscene.

Once inside you will need to talk to the people around you until one asks if you have gotten a Guardian Beast yet. If you let him he will explain what one is. Once you answer his question an officer will begin speaking to the crowd.

There are 3 craftlords here to address the group
  • Lubert, the Craftlord of Amber
  • Ureksa, the Craftlord of Jade
  • Sakuro, the Craftlord of Sapphire

They summarize the current situation: The Craftlord of Iron died 3 years ago. The tournament is to find a worthy replacement. In conclusion they remind everyone of the Craftlord's code:

A sword is not strength.
A sword is not skill.
A sword is not fellowship.


After the ceremony you will officially have access to the first section of the dungeon. The dungeon will be the best place to train your fighting skills and gather materials for crafting better weapons.

Before investigating the dungeon you will need to go to the Silver Guild to speak with Bron.