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Main characters[edit]


The main male character of the game is named Cleru (クリュウ Kuryuu?) by default. A good boy but always moving ahead. He has a dream of becoming a Craftlord like his father, who died 3 years ago. Now he trains with his master, the Craftknight Bron. His father was one of the 7 Craftlords, the Craftlord of Iron - Shintetsu. Due to his title, he had great pressure on him but that was also the source of his strength. Following his father's footsteps, he realizes how he must protect those precious to him.


Main female character of the story is named Pratty (プラティ Purati?) by default. A cheerful, yet kind normal girl. She has a dream of becoming a wonderful Craftlord like her father, who died 3 years ago. Her father was one of the 7 Craftlords, the Craftlord of Iron - Shintetsu. Not remembering what her father was like, she follows in his footsteps to find out the meaning of becoming a Craftlord.

Guardian Beasts[edit]

Summon Night: Swordcraft Story features one of four "Guardian Beasts" that assist the hero with magic and items during battle. A Guardian Beast is acquired at the beginning of the game, where the player answers a series of questions that determine which beast they get. The beast is identified as the same one Shintetsu had, no matter which is received. The four beasts are:


Sugar (シュガレット Shugaretto?) is a fairy type creature who is intent on marrying her master, regardless of gender. Her full name is Sugarette, and she is the princess of the "Spirit World" Sapureth. She falls in love easily, and can be very jealous of others. She specializes in water type spells, and has a bonus in healing. Upon her joining you discover that she was once your fathers summoning as well. Later she develops a sense of frustration about reveling the mystery of her former master to her present one. Forges Spears and Knuckles.


Rasho (ラショウ Rashō?) is an oni type. He is the "demon prince" of the "Oni World" Silturn. He is very respectful of the hero's mom, and has a bad mouth, though that is just to hide his shyness. He specializes in fire spells. Forges Axes and Drills.


Zantek (ザンテック Zantekku?) is a mechanoid type who originally came from the "Machina World" Loreilal. Zantek speaks in stars, literally similar to R2-D2. His master can understand him despite this. Being a machine, he specializes in electric spells. Forges Spears and Drills.


Kutty (クッティ Kutti?) is a beast type, who makes his home in the "Phantom Beast World" Maetropa. He has a hard time being with humans other than his master. He specializes in wind spells. Forges Axes and Knuckles.

Other characters[edit]


Sanary (サナレ Sanare?) belongs to the Silver Guild which many of the other characters as well as the heroes belong to. She cares very much for her sister. She has a dream of becoming the best woman in the City of Swords. However, she becomes jealous once she sees the main character ascending faster than she ever could. Sanary likes using swords.


Razzy (ラジィ?) is Bron's niece. Early on the game, the main character is given the task of finding Razzy who once said she became lost in the Labyrinth. Razzy hopes to become Craftlord for one thing only: to fill Wystern with flowers. While Razzy's gender is highly disputed among English speaking fans (partially due to the intentional confusion of Razzy's gender by characters in the game), it's later confirmed that Razzy is, in fact, a girl. Razzy likes to use Knuckles.


Varil (ヴァリラ Varira?) is the heir of the Gold Guild. Although he is called a genius child and considers himself above most people, his arrogance hasn't reached the level where he refuses to admit he can make mistakes. His delusions of his superiority take a severe blow when he is beaten by the main character. His preferred weapon is the spear.


Sakuro (サクロ Sakuro?) was once Shintetsu's student, who fought alongside him in protecting Wystern. He is also one of the main plot holders of the game.