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Simple controls as in most GBA games:

Outside of Battles[edit]

Move(Left, Right, Up, Down)- Obviously the Directional Pad.

Running- Hold B while moving in any direction.

Using the Hammer outside of a battle to break barrels, boxes, and open chest is the A Button.

Start Button pulls up the pause menu where you can use items, equip weapons and magic, and look at stats.

Select Button lets you speak to your Summon Beast which provides hint on where you have to go.

Inside of Battles[edit]

Attack- A Button

Block- B Button

Perform Magic- Use the R Button to Move to the Magic you would like to perform and press the B Button. (Note. Some Magic takes longer than others to perform. Also you cannot block before performing magic but while performing it you are in a invincible state. You may move while using magic but slowly and jumping is disabled.)

Changing Weapon- is the L Button

The Start Button pauses the match.

And the Select Button serves no purpose in battle.

Hint: if you use a spear in battle there are some moves only able to be done with it by pressing the Up Direction and attack button simultaneously.