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Acquiring items

Items can be gained in 5 different ways:

  1. Given by a NPC.
  2. Bought in a store.
  3. Dropped by a monster.
  4. Found in a treasure chest.
  5. By breaking fragile objects like crates or barrels.

There are some items that can be used both during and outside of battle. These are good to save for if in a pinch during battle. You will also at specific times gain special key items that are vital to the story.

Every item (except for key items) can be converted into materials. When deciding what to convert be careful to look at how useful the item is vs. how much materials it can become. Items that are very useful tend to not be worth a lot of materials. There are some items that exist solely for forging into materials. These are material items.

As you progress through the game an Indian restaurant that specializes in curry will open up to the left of the café. This will make the higher healing food items now available. Note: the food healing items are not a better deal if you buy more of the more expensive ones vs. cheaper ones. They are all the same price per HP cured so buy the ones that tend to be more useful for you.


Name Description Materials Location
Kicker Potion Recovers 500 HP. 3 Fire, 3 Wind
Klotzen Potion Recovesrs 800 HP. 4 each (except Mystic Ore)
Med Kit Recovers full HP. Activates when 0 HP. 10 each (except Mystic Ore)
Amulet Lowers encounters with creatures. 3 Fire, 3 Water
Summon Charm Raise encounters with creatures. 3 Elec, 3 Wind
Mild Spice Recovers 500 HP.


Name Description Materials Location
Fighter's Ring ATK +28, 20 DEF 28 Fire, 20 Water
Ancient Ring ATK +40 40 Fire
Craftlord Ring ATK +50 50 Fire Dropped from enemies in labyrinth, level 90+
Craftlord Bracer DEF +50 50 Water Chest in Labyrinth, level B100F
Marine Bracelet Halves Water Damage 100 Water
Wind Boots DEF -9, AGL +30/Slippery 30 Wind
Bleack Greaves DEF +18, AGL +25 18 Fire, 25 Water
Ancient Boots AGL +40 40 Wind
Craftlord Boots AGL +50 50 Wind Chest in Labyrinth B84F
Windproof Shoes Reduces Wind Damage 100 Wind
Windproof Boots Halves Wind Damage 100 Wind
Fang Necklace ATK +18, AGL +25 25 Fire
Steel Necklace ATK +15, AGL +30 15 Fire, 30 Water, 25 Wind
Dragon Necklet ATK +28, DEF +35 10 Lig, 28 Water, 35 Wind Dropped from enemies in labyrinth, level 80+
Craftlord Amulet ATK +40, +40AGL 40 Lig Chest in Labyrinth, level B100F
Lightning Amulet Reduces Lightning Damage 100 Lig
Storm Amulet Halves Lightning Damage 100 Lig Chest in Labyrinth, level B100F