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  1. Normal Zone - Standard level. Each player starts in one of the four corners.
  2. Western Zone - Players start in the center of the arena. "Maximum Explosion" pickups are more common than usual.
  3. Bomb Zone - Minimum range bombs drop randomly from the sky. "Remote Control" pickups are more common than usual.
  4. Jump Zone - Jump pads are randomly positioned around the level. Walking on a jump pad launches you vertically upwards. Can be used to escape bomb blasts.
  5. Belt Zone - Level features 4 separate conveyor belts arranged round the middle of the level. Bombs or players on a belt travel in the direction the belt is moving.
  6. Tunnel Zone - Five tunnels appear on the level, obscuring the view of players or bombs within them. There is no "Power Glove" pickup on this level (assumedly because it wouldn't work with the tunnels).
  7. Duel Zone - Players start in the center of the level. At the start of the match a range of pickups are already placed around the edge of the level.
  8. Flower Zone - The destructible walls are actually flowers. The flowers randomly grow in empty spaces which sometimes traps Bombermen. Also tractors appear at the top of the screen and drive downwards collecting any bombs they find on the way. "Remote Control" pickups are more common than usual.
  9. Light Zone - The entire level is extremely dark apart from two circular areas that are lit with searchlights. The lit areas travel around the screen during play. Tends to be more "Skull" pickups on this level.
  10. Power Zone - All destructible walls are removed and players start with punch, kick, maximum number of bombs, maximum explosion range and maximum speed.
  11. Warp Zone - Five warp holes exist on the level. Walking over a warp hole will cause your Bomberman to fall into it then appear at one of the other warps randomly.
  12. Speed Zone - All players move at super speed (the same speed level that the "Skull" pickup sometimes gives you). "Remote Control" pickups are more common than usual.