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Special items appear for ammo supply as you destroy walls, enemies or opponent Bombermen. During Normal Mode the effects of all items except fire power, number of bombs and speed will be lost when you lose a Bomberman stock. During Battle Mode the effects of all the items last for one battle only.

General power-ups[edit]

Name Effect
SB Extra Bomb.png
Extra Bomb
Increases the maximum number of bombs that can be laid on the ground by one. (Maximum ten)
SB Explosion Expander.png
Explosion Expander
Increases the range of explosions when bombs are detonated by one level (Maximum ten)
SB Accelerator.png
Increases the speed at which Bomberman moves by one level. (Decreased by one level each time a life is lost)
SB Remote Control.png
Remote Control
Allows bombs to be detonated by remote control by pressing B Button.
SB Maximum Explosion.png
Maximum Explosion
Increases the range of explosions to maximum.
SB Kick.png
Allows the ability to kick bombs by using Neutral Dpad. Pressing X Button or A Button stops the kicked bomb.
SB Power Glove.png
Boxing Glove
Allows the ability to punch bombs and send them flying with Y Button or L Button.
SB Skull.png
Causes one of the following unwanted effects:
  • Temporarily reduces speed
  • Radically increases speed
  • Lays bombs randomly
  • Disallows laying bombs
  • Makes Bomberman invisible
  • Keeps laying bombs at high speed
  • Allows only one minimum-range bomb to be laid at a time

Effects can be spread to other players by touching them.

Normal Mode-exclusive items[edit]

Name Effect
SB Armor.png
Indestructible Armor
When Bomberman wears Indestructible Armor, he flashes for a set length of time during which he is unaffected by explosions or attacks from enemies.
SB Bomberman.gif
Increases the stock of Bombermen by one
SB Bomb Passer.png
Bomb Passer
Allows Bomberman to pass through bombs laid on the ground.
SB Block Passer.gif
Block Passer
Allows Bomberman to pass over Soft Blocks (destructable walls). Very powerful in clearing the level while invulnerable.
SB Super Bomb.gif
Super Bomb
Allows bomb explosions to pass through obstacles such as enemies and walls.
SB Time.gif
Restores the timer to the counter setting the stage began on.
SB Fire Extinguisher.gif
Fire Extinguisher
Increases the number of Bombermen in stock to maximum and increases player's score
SB Heart.gif
Bomberman takes 2 hits to lose a life instead of one.
SB Mystery Item.gif
Mystery Item
The effects of this item are a mystery until you pick it up. (actually just adds points to your score, number of remaining enemies X 1000)
SB Rice Ball.gif
Rice Ball
Increases the player's score.
SB Cup and Ball.gif
Cup and Ball
Increases the player's score.
SB Cake.gif
Increases the player's score.
SB Ice Cream Cone.gif
Ice Cream Cone
Increases the player's score.
SB Apple.gif
Increases the player's score.
SB Frozen Pop.gif
Frozen Pop
Increases the player's score.