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Super Buster Bros.
Box artwork for Super Buster Bros..
Publisher(s)Capcom, Mitchell Corporation
Designer(s)Toshihiko Uda, Futoshi Kuwahara
Release date(s)
Arcade icon.png Arcade
Globe.svg November, 1990
SNES icon.png SNES
Globe.svg August, 1992
System(s)Arcade, SNES, PlayStation, PSP
Arcade icon.png PlayStation icon.png Arcade, PlayStation
SNES icon.png SNES
Arcade icon.png PlayStation icon.png Arcade, PlayStation
Single player
SNES icon.png SNES
Single player, Co-op
Preceded byBuster Bros.
Followed byBuster Buddies
TwitchSuper Buster Bros. Channel

Super Buster Bros. (Super Pang outside of the USA) is a shooter with puzzle elements developed by Capcom and released by Mitchell Corporation for the arcades in 1990. It is the second game in the Pang series and was later ported to SNES in 1992. It is also featured on both the PlayStation's Buster Bros. Collection and Capcom Puzzle World for the PlayStation Portable.

The object of the game is to use your gun to pop bubbles that bounce around your screen. There are two different modes in this game: Panic Mode or Arcade Mode. When a player pops a bubble, it splits into two smaller bubbles. This happens repeatedly, but eventually, the bubbles get so small that they pop when shot. Occasionally, monsters will walk or fly on to the screen, these can be seen as a help or harm to the player. When the player touches a monster, they die, but monsters can pop bubbles. This is the next part of super pang with added stages. Although the arcade game and the PS1 version allowed two players to play simultaneously, the Super Nintendo version has only one player mode.

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