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Enter a name you can remember!

Choose to start a new game or enter a password. The controls are customizable from the Options screen.

When a new game is started, you'll be prompted to enter a name. Remember the name you choose, because it will be required each time you enter a password to continue your game.

Each time you run out of lives in the game, you'll be prompted to continue or receive the password. You can continue an unlimited number of times, but you'll have to restart at the first block of your current stage. Each password consists of a sixteen-digit grid containing a combination of symbols, like in Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse.


Items and power-ups[edit]

Hard Mode[edit]

After completing the game once, wait for the credits to finish rolling, then press Start Button. Simon will be thrown back into Stage I to redo the entire adventure, but this time with more enemies.