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Control Offense Defense
Joystick Use the joystick to guide inner players around their side of the court in eight directions, or to guide the outer players along the edge of the court. Double tap the joystick to the left or to the right to make the inner players run in either direction.
Throw When in possession of the ball, press the throw button to try an hit one of the opposing players. You can throw while standing still, while running, while jumping (jump by pressing throw and pass together), or while performing a running jump. When on defense, press the throw button to attempt to catch the ball as it's being thrown at you. Also press throw when you want to pick the ball up off the ground.
Pass When in possession of the ball, press the pass button to toss the ball to another player. Use the joystick to control the direction of the pass. If you wish to pass it to a teammate inside the court, you must do so by standing to their right and passing the ball to the left. When on defense, press the pass button to dodge a ball being thrown at you.
1-2 Players Press either button to begin a one or two player game.


Inner-court players[edit]

Super Dodge Ball player small.png

These players comprise the majority of your team. They are average in every way: speed, defense, and offense. They can move around the court fairly swiftly, and are capable of throwing the ball with moderate power, but they can't perform any power throws, nor can they withstand too many hits from opponents. Three of these players will occupy the inner court, along with the team captain.

Team captain[edit]

Super Dodge Ball player big.png

This player is the most important member of your team. (In the Japanese version, this is Kunio himself, and thus the main character.) He is much more powerful than the other members of the team, both offensively and defensively. He is capable of withstanding many more hits than the regular players, and he is the only member of the team capable of performing a power shot. He isn't necessarily any faster than his teammates, in fact his large size is an unfortunate liability because he is a bigger target. For that reason, you'll want to try to shield him with other players if you have no alternative. Losing him from the match will make it much harder for you to compete, especially in the later stages of the game.

Outer-court players[edit]

Super Dodge Ball player out.png

Three players are positioned around the outside edge of the opponent's side of the court. Likewise, you will see three opponents positioned around the outside edge of your side of the court. These outer players aren't as useful, but they do have a role to play throughout the game. For one thing, if a ball goes out of bounds, it is fair game for any of these outside players to run over and pick the ball up. From there, they can either attempt to hit an opponent inside the court, or pass the ball to another teammate. While they aren't capable of running with the ball, they are allowed to jump and they're still capable of doing a small amount of damage, especially to players who are stunned and trying to catch their breath.

Opponent types[edit]

Super Dodge Ball player regular.png
Super Dodge Ball player scrawny.png
Super Dodge Ball player tubby.png
Super Dodge Ball player bruiser.png
Average players are just like the members of your team who aren't the captain. They are neither the best nor the worst when it comes to speed, defense, and strength. Scrawny players have the least amount of stamina, and are fairly easy to remove from the game. But they have a surprising amount of power, and are capable of performing some surprising throws when you least expect it. Tubby players are rather slow, and seem relatively easy to hit. However, they have a higher amount of stamina, and thus take more hits to remove from the game. They are also quite good at catching throws directed at them, making them even more difficult to remove. Bruisers are the same size as your captain, and are fairly identical in terms of ability. They possess the greatest amount of stamina, and thus take multiple hits to remove. When they get their hands on the ball, watch out!


Super Dodge Ball court Japan.png
  • The object is to remove all four of your opponent's inner court players before they remove all of yours. Players are removed when they are hit too many times with the ball and lose all of their stamina.
    • Note that in later rounds of single player games, the computer-controlled teams will have more than four members to eliminate, although no more than four will ever appear in the court at one time. Once an opponent player is removed, they will be replaced by a new player.
  • Each round is played in 3 minutes. If a player fails to defeat the opponent within that time, the player's game is over.
    • In a two player game, both players lose if the game is tied. Otherwise, the player with more remaining teammates is the winner and advances to the second round of a single player game.
  • There is a 15 second possession rule. If you do not throw the ball at an opponent within that time, possession of the ball automatically transfers to the opposing side. Passing the ball does not count.
  • If an inner player steps over the lines of the court while still in possession of the ball, that player immediately drops the ball for the nearest opposing player to collect..
    • The only exception to this is for players who jump. It is possible to jump over the line and throw the ball at an opponent in mid-air. If you land before throwing the ball, the ball is dropped when you land.


There are five types of shots in the game. They are listed here in order of weakest to strongest:

Shot A regular throw, taken while standing still. It's quite possible for your outer-court players to collect this if all of the opponents dodge it.
Jump Shot Throw the ball while in mid-air by jumping (press throw and pass together). This will increase the strength of your shot by a small amount. However, it's very easy for the opponent to collect this ball after it lands.
Dash Shot Throw the ball while dashing towards your opponents. This will increase the momentum of the ball, making it move faster and slightly increases the strength of the shot. Your momentum may carry you over the middle line, leaving you vulnerable to counter-attacks if your throw is caught.
Jump Dash Shot This is the most powerful shot for a regular inner-court player to throw. To perform this shot, you must start dashing, jump into the air, and throw the ball. You may cross the middle line as long as you throw the ball before landing.
Power Shot This is a Jump Dash Shot performed by your team captain. If you press throw at just the right moment (just slightly before the peak of his jump), the ball will be throw with incredible speed and strength, and will actually flatten out a little to indicate that you've thrown it correctly. It is even possible to perform the power shot while running away from the opponents.


Round Description
First round
Super Dodge Ball: It's a match between of Dallas (player 1) versus Chicago (player 2) to see who goes on to represent the US in international competition. Nekketsu Kōkō Dodgeball Bu: The rivalry between Nekketsu High School and Hanazono High School takes the form of a dodge ball game in Japan, and the winner goes on to represent the country in international competition.
Second round
Team England: The English team has five inner-court members. They start off with three scrawny players, and one bruiser. A bruiser replaces the first teammate who is eliminated. In the outer-court, they have one scrawny player and two regular players.
Third round
Team Iceland: The make-up of the Iceland team is nearly identical to the English team, except that all of the scrawny players are replaced with tubby players. The court is laid out on a thick sheet of ice, whose slick surface will magnify any effects of momentum.
Fourth round
Team China: The Chinese team is made up of a variety of players. They have six inner-court members who must be defeated. The initial inner-court consists of one regular player, one scrawny player, one tubby player, and one bruiser, while the outer-court consists of each type except for a bruiser. Both inner-court replacements are bruisers.
Fifth round
Team Africa: At first, team Africa may seem like a step backwards because they only have one replacement (a bruiser). However, they start out the match with two bruisers in the inner-court, and one bruiser in the outer-court who you must keep an eye on. The two remaining inner-court and outer-court players are scrawny types.
Sixth round
Super Dodge Ball: You'll take on the powerful Team Japan in the international championship. Nekketsu Kōkō Dodgeball Bu: The members of Nekketsu High School must take on powerful Team USA for the championship in New York.

You've faced teams with a mix of player types, but the final team is no pushover, containing nothing but bruisers. There are four bruisers in the inner-court, three in the outer-court, and two waiting to replace the first two inner-court eliminations. In order to win this championship, you must knock out all six bruisers in three minutes. If you succeed, you'll be awarded a trophy before starting back at round two against England.


Travelling by plane to the next battle
Protect the captain
The captain is your most valuable asset, as he is capable of doing more damage to the opponents than any other player. For that reason, you should favor him by passing the ball to him as frequently as possible, and shielding him from attacks. To pass the ball to him, have an inner-court player stand to his right, and pass the ball back to the left. To shield him, move a smaller player in front when the opponents have the ball.
Catch the ball
If the opponents throw a normal shot at you, whether jumping or dashing, the best strategy is to catch the ball. In order to catch the ball, you must be facing the direction that the ball is coming from (so if it's coming from the outer-court, you may have to face left or right, depending on the location of the thrower) and you must press the throw button within a second of the ball reaching your hands. If you press the button too soon or too late, the ball will hit you and do some damage.
Be aware of who you control
The game doesn't necessarily allow you to choose who you are in control of. When the ball comes to a stop, control is typically given to the player closest to the ball. This is indicated by the red arrow over the player's head. To control any other player, you must pass the ball to them. Likewise, when you are on defense, you can't necessarily choose who you control. You are rarely given control over the captain while on defense, unless he is the last player available. This can sometimes make it difficult to anticipate how to react to an attack.
Gauging stamina
If a player is struck by the ball, but not removed from the game, you can gauge how close that player is to being eliminated by watching how long he tries to catch his breath. The longer he remains stunned, the closer he is to being eliminated. If the player takes five breaths, he's extremely close to getting knocked out. Use your outer-court players to throw the ball at stunned players and remove them quicker.
As mentioned in the rules, computer controlled teams may have more than four players to eliminate, although no more than four will ever appear in the inner-court at one time. After a computer opponent is removed, if the computer still has replacements (indicated by the bars in the upper right corner of the screen), the next player (always a bruiser) will enter the court from the bottom of the screen, closest to the middle line. If you keep possession of the ball, it is possible to get very close and continuously bean the newly entering opponent and remove him from play before he can even fully enter the court.
Enemy power shots
Opponents can't perform the same power shot as your captain, but they have two different techniques at their disposal. One is a straight power throw that does tremendous damage. When thrown, the ball expands and contracts while it flies through the air. These throws must be avoided, they cannot be caught. The other technique involves throwing the ball high into the air, so that you cannot see the ball anymore, you can only see its shadow on the ground. The ball will home in on a particular player, and move in that player's direction. The ball may even double back in order to hit this player. To avoid it, simply keep moving. It's possible to catch this throw, but your timing must be perfect in order to succeed.