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Super Famicom Wars
Box artwork for Super Famicom Wars.
Developer(s)Intelligent Systems
Release date(s)
Satellaview icon.png
Nintendo Power (SNES) icon.png
Nintendo Power (SNES)
Genre(s)Turn-based strategy
System(s)Satellaview, Nintendo Power (SNES)
Mode(s)Single player, 4-player
Preceded byFamicom Wars
SeriesFamicom Wars
TwitchSuper Famicom Wars Channel
YouTube GamingSuper Famicom Wars Channel

Super Famicom Wars (スーパーファミコンウォーズ Sūpā Famikon Wōzu?) is a turn-based strategy game by Intelligent Systems. The successor to Famicom Wars, it has more maps and enhanced graphics and sounds. It also added 4-player battles, COs, fog of war, and other features.

Super Famicom Wars was never released on a cartridge; it was first released for the Satellaview (as Super Famicom Wars BS), and later for the Nintendo Power copier service.

Table of Contents

Super Famicom Wars/Table of Contents