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This sky-based autoscroller requires 30 green stars to unlock. Cat bells are recommended!

Before the Checkpoint[edit]

Climb the fence as it's rising to reach the first green star.
The second star is on clouds past the warp box. You need good timing to get there and back!

At the start of the stage, the gimmick of moving chain-link fences is immediately visible. Grab a cat-bell from the right ? block, and use it to climb over any that get in your way. The next ? block gives lots of coins, but the fences will try to push you off the platform, so ground pound it or ignore it. There's an invisible ? block with a cat bell on top of the 3-brick formation ahead, so get that too.

The second fence ahead has the first green star above it. Use the cat to climb as it rises to grab it. The gates ahead open and shut. Use a cat-dive when they're open, but don't take the warp box yet! The screen scrolls right to reveal the second green star.

After the Checkpoint[edit]

If you're extremely fast, you can get the stamp by ground-pounding the cloud above it. Getting it the normal way is much safer.
The last green star can be reached via cat-wheel.

The second half of the level starts with a climb. Grab another cat suit from the ? blocks, and dodge chain-links until you reach the glass pipe. Instead of taking it, climb the wall behind it to reach the level stamp.

Immediately behind you is a cat wheel. Spin it to raise a platform you can climb to reach the third green star. Continue past a section of clouds and donut blocks to reach the pipe to the end of the level.