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This stage is a tribute to Mario Kart - and there are plenty of boost pads to keep you moving!

Before the Checkpoint[edit]

Take the low path for the first green star.

Before entering the racetrack, climb the tree behind you for a cat bell. Once you're ready, hit the track and start running! After dodging a few Biddybuds, the track's lanes diverge - the upper lane contains Piranha Plants while the lower contains donut blocks and the first green star.

After the warp box, hit the upper-right block for a coin box powerup. As you're heading down the slide, stay in the left lane, then the upper one to hit all the enemies for a 1-up. The checkpoint is at the bottom of the slide.

After the Checkpoint[edit]

Slow down to drop into the mystery box, and catch the fast rabbit for the second green star.
These mushroom pads will bounce you to the level's stamp.
Hit the last jump pad and make a huge leap to reach the third green star.

Run up the slope to the right, but drop into the gap at the top to find a Mystery Box. Inside is a speedy rabbit to catch for the second green star. Continue right, jumping over three pits, and hit the jump pad immediately after the third to reach the level's stamp. Following that, run down the slope and hit the pad at the bottom to reach the final green star. Through the warp box is one last hill leading to the flagpole.