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Super Mario 63
Box artwork for Super Mario 63.
Release date(s)
Globe.svg mid-2009
System(s)Web browser, Adobe Flash
TwitchSuper Mario 63 Channel
YouTube GamingSuper Mario 63 Channel

Super Mario 63 is an unauthorized 2D platform fan game created by Runouw, using in part music and 2D sprites from Nintendo games to mimic the Mario franchise. Super Mario 63 is a play on Super Mario 64 but incorporates enemies, characters, and abilities from all Mario games.

Players can create and upload additional courses. Note that many web sites have other earlier versions of the Flash game that lack the extended animated intro.


In 2005, Runouw released a game called Super Mario Sunshine 64 as their first official flash player game. Runouw then decided to remake it and titled Super Mario Sunshine 128. It was planned originally to be playable on the Wii on Wiicade, but was denied (by Nintendo) for IP-related reasons. Later, for aesthetic purposes, it was renamed to Super Mario 63 and released on Newgrounds and SheezyArt in mid-2009.


Mario decides to go to Princess Peach's Castle. After he gets there, Bowser springs a surprise attack and kidnaps the princess. Bowser and Kamek then break the Power Orb and leave. After Mario wakes up and he meets Eddie, he finds a Shine Sprite on the ground. Mario follows Eddie on an adventure to get to the Power Orb and place the Shine Sprite there to restore order to Mushroom Kingdom.

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