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Super Mario 64 DS
You cannot enter this level as Yoshi, as he can only attempt to swallow ghosts, which doesn't work, and he is not strong enough to ground-pound them.
  • Location: Outside in the courtyard. Find the stairs going to the basement and follow the hallway across from them. Kill the lone ghost on the left of the courtyard, and hop in to the cage.
  • Description: Big mansion filled with ghosts, eyes, and a merry-go-round.

Big Boo's Haunt is the fifth course. Once you collect at least 12 stars (15 in Super Mario 64 DS), enter one of the wooden doors on the left or right side of the staircase on the first floor, then follow the Boo down the hallway and into the courtyard. After that, go to the far left corner and defeat the large Boo there. To defeat Boos you must ground pound them (jump over them and hit Z button while in the air). Then walk into the cage to enter Big Boo's Haunt.

Star 1: Go On a Ghost Hunt[edit | edit source]

In this level, the objective is to kill all of the boos. Before you can face the final big boo, you will have to kill all of the smaller ones.

First go round the back of the mansion and enter the back door and kill the two boos in that room, then enter the building from the front. Next, enter the left room on the front wall and defeat the Boo in there. Then, go in the right door on the front wall and defeat the Boo in there. Still in the right room, move on to the next room and defeat the Boo in that room, then go back to the large main room. Big Boo will spawn. It takes three hits to beat the big Boo. Each time you hit him he will become smaller and faster. After you have defeated him, the staircase will rise and lead to the first star in this level.

Star 2: Ride Big Boo's Merry-go-round[edit | edit source]

After entering the course, enter the smaller building, head down the elevator, and go through the doors to reach The Carousel. Five Boos will arrive through one of the paintings. Punch all the Boos from behind to defeat them, before finally fighting the big boo in the same way you did above. Watch out for the painting in the middle of the right wall, as it shoots out flames.

Star 3: Secret Of The Haunted Books[edit | edit source]

Enter the mansion. Go up the stairs and make a left. Enter the second door on the left wall. Avoid the flying books while running to the end of the shelf. Turn right and run to the end. At the end are three books. Punch them in this order: top, right, left. The bookcase will slide open to reveal a door. Go through the door and there is your star. If you hit the books in the wrong order, the puzzle will reset and a book will fly out from a shelf to attack.

Star 4: Seek The 8 Red Coins[edit | edit source]

Super Mario 64 DS
The Nintendo DS version is mostly the same, except coin 7 is moved to the middle of the room, and you must have Mario to get it. After coin 5, head out the door next to where the red coin was, and there is a ? box there. Hit it, and a Power Flower comes out, which allows you to float to the center of the room to grab it. After that, proceed as normal.

Get all 8 red coins. Look all inside the house. Be sure to go upstairs and downstairs.

  • Coin 1: Go to the main door of the house and enter it. After coming inside, make a quick left to the first door. In the room, you will see a piano. Go close to the piano, and it will try to attack you. When the piano moves, there will be a coin in the place it originally was.
  • Coins 2 and 3: Go to the door in the room you are currently in The Mad Piano room that is visible straight in front of red coin #1. As soon as you enter the room, jump on top of both of the bookcases in the room. You will now have 3 coins.
  • Coin 4: Leave the bookcase room. Go to the door on the other side of the big entrance room. There should only be one door on this wall. Enter it and proceed to get the red coin on the little platform near where a ghost should be. This platform has a window shining right on it.
  • Coin 5: Leave the room, and then go up the stairs leading to the second story. When you reach the second story, go directly to the last door on the right. Enter the room. You should see a wall of 2 bookcases. Go to the end of the bookcases. As you are going along the bookcases, two books will most likely try to attack you. Behind the bookcase is a red coin. Get it, but be careful of the moving floor. If you fall, you will have to make your way up to the mansion again. You can identify the moving floor by looking for a crack near the coin.
  • Coins 6 and 7: Head back out the way you came and go to the door directly to the left of the door you just left. You will come into a small space with a floating eyeball. Kill it if you would like to. Go into the bigger room connected to the small space, and search the coffins for red coins. The two coins can be found under the front-right coffin and center-left coffin.
  • Coin 8: After leaving The Coffins, go to the next room directly left of that as well. You should be in a room above the floating eye and a ghost. There will be red wire stretched across much of the floor. Make your way to the directly opposite wall from the door, where there is a coin.

The star is located on the left side of the entrance room on the second story right under a window. Grab it. Congratulations, you got another star!

Star 5: Big Boo's Balcony[edit | edit source]

Go to the second floor and go through the door on the far right. Stand on the platform and look up. You will see a second balcony. Use the power flower box or, if you haven't got to the switch yet, wall kick up there. If you go out the door to the balcony, there will be another big boo. Hit him three times, then get the ? box next to you, or long jump across and climb the roof to get to the star. Use first person to help you walk and jump as some of the walkways are thin and easy to slip from. To get the star, play as Mario so that when you get the ? box you will be able to float up and get the star from the higher point on the roof.

Star 6: Eye To Eye In The Secret Room[edit | edit source]

Super Mario 64 DS
You need to play as Luigi to get this star. Reach the balcony and break the red box to get the Flower Power to get past the picture of the ghost.

Get to the balcony where the blue cap box is, and get it. Go up to the room where the door to big boo's balcony is, and go through the picture of the ghost. When you return to normal, run around the eyeball for the star.

Star 7: Switch Star in the Basement (Nintendo DS)[edit | edit source]

You must be Wario to access the switch. The black bricks in the basement reveal the switch. Run through the outside of the basement carousel in time to get the star.

Star 7: 100 Coins[edit | edit source]

Super Mario 64 DS

There are two changes to the route. First, the Brick Blocks at the start are now Black Brick Blocks, which still contain 6 coins but cannot be broken unless you are playing as Wario. There are 5 coins at the very top of the mansion, so after you grab the blue coins from the blue coin switch, head out to the balcony, and try your best to jump up there.

Second, the second red coin in the coffin room is moved to the middle of the second floor. You need to either use Mario's Power Flower ability or do some tricky jumping.

Collect 100 coins. This is made easier when done on stars 2-7.

  1. Behind you when you start is a Crazy Box. Grab it, and it'll send you sky high. When you land, it breaks open, and you can get five yellow coins.
  2. On the opposite side of the shed to the Crazy Box are two Brick Blocks, containing 3 coins each for a total of 6 coins.
  3. There are three Scuttlebugs around the mansion, one at the front and two at the back. They'll give you three coins each for a total of nine coins.
  4. Also at the back of the mansion, there is a yellow ! Block, which has 10 yellow coins.
  5. Enter the door at the back of the mansion. There are two Boos there, with a blue coin each, for a total of 10 coins.
  6. Exit the door, head around to the front, and head in the main doors. Go in the first door on the left, and grab the red coin behind the Mad Piano for two coins.
  7. Leave that room, and go in the next door. Grab the two red coins in the room for 4 coins total.
  8. Head out of that room and head into the next room. There is a Mr. I and a Boo, which both contain blue coins.
  9. The next room has a single Boo with a blue coin in it.
  10. Go through to the next room and kill the next Boo for five more coins.
  11. Get the red coin contained in this room and head out.
  12. Run upstairs and enter the door on the left side of the rear wall. Grab the red coin contained in that room.
  13. Enter the door on the other side of the rear wall. Kill the Mr. I in that room for a blue coin.
  14. There are two red coins contained under coffins in the room for 4 more coins.
  15. Go into the next room, where you can find a red coin on the other side of the bookcase.
  16. Head up to the top floor. There's a blue coin switch here, which makes four blue coins appear. Grab them, and collect your 100 coin star.

1-Up Locations[edit | edit source]

The following is where to find both green mushrooms:

  • On top of the shed outside.
  • On top of the house in a ! block.