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  • Location: First floor. On the left side of the staircase, enter the door with a 3 on it, and jump into one of the three paintings.
  • Description: A snowy mountain featuring a mother penguin that lost her baby, the Headless Snowman, and an icy slide.
  • Bob-omb Buddy: When riding the rope lift, you will spot the Bob-omb Buddy on a floating island.

Cool, Cool Mountain is the fourth course in the game. Three stars are required to access it.

Star 1: Slip Slidin' Away[edit]

This star is obtained by entering the chimney near the start of the level and completing the slide without falling off. At a certain point, a row of coins points toward the wall; go along them to pass through the wall and you will enter a secret passage that has 3 1-Ups and no risk of falling. Other shortcuts require looking at the map to find where some slide lines intersect.

Once you reach the bottom of the slide, go through the door to find the star waiting outside.

Star 2: Li'l Penguin Lost[edit]

Super Mario 64 DS
Yoshi cannot be used for this mission, as he can only swallow, not punch or hold, and penguins don't like being swallowed.

On the snow-covered platform next to the chimney for the previous star, there is a little blue baby penguin. Pick her up by pressing B button and take her to the mother penguin at the bottom of the mountain. Getting hit by an enemy or falling far will cause you to drop the penguin, which becomes harder to pick up as she moves around.

Once you bring the baby penguin back to her mother, she will give you the star. If you take the baby away from the mother, the mother will narrow her eyes and waddle towards you crossly until you give her baby back.

Star 3: Big Penguin Race[edit]

Go in the same chimney as for Slip' Slidin Away. There will be a large penguin waiting; he will offer to race you. Accept, and get to the bottom of the slide before he does.

If you long jump ahead of the penguin to avoid talking to him you only get the star for Slip Slidin' Away if you have not already got it. You cannot take any shortcuts, for if you do, the penguin will say that you cheated and refuse to give you your star. You need to run a clean race to get it. But beware, for if you go outside the door you will have to race the penguin again.

If and when you beat the penguin (without using shortcuts), he will then give you the star.

Star 4: Frosty Slide for 8 Red Coins[edit]

A map of Cool, Cool Mountain, with all the red coin locations marked out.
Super Mario 64 DS

The Nintendo DS version is altered slightly. Two of the coins are now located in ice blocks, so you must use Yoshi for this Star.

Coin 1: Jump onto the platform above the cottage, and you'll see the red coin trapped in ice there. A little further on and down a small slope, there is a campfire. Swallow it, jump back up to the red coin, and melt the ice away.

Coin 7: This coin is located in the same place as before, only now, it is in ice and there is a campfire next to it.
A map of Cool, Cool Mountain, with all the red coin locations marked out, in the Nintendo DS version of the game.
  1. The very first coin you collect is above a tree right in front of you at the very start.
  2. Slide all the way down The Slide, and at the end, there will be another red coin.
  3. Head to the right into The Paddock, and straight to the rope elevator. Right at the beginning of the ride, you will see a third red coin.
  4. Once you have reached the bottom, there will be three trees. Above one of them is the fourth red coin.
  5. Run all the way over to the other end of The Field, and just before you drop off the world entirely, turn left into the wall. Hidden in the corner is the next coin.
  6. Head back a bit to the little alcove with a tiny bridge. The bridge leads to a small snowy platform with the sixth coin.
  7. Keep following the path onto the end of the next bridge, whereupon you will warp to a bridge very near the start. Turn around, jump off the bridge, and fall onto the little cliff. The seventh coin is there.
  8. Jump down onto solid ground, make sure you're not on the side with the Headless Snowman, and head towards the broken bridge. The eighth and final red coin is there, and the Star is right on the other side of the bridge.

Star 5: Snowman's Lost His Head[edit]

Go up on the platform next to the chimney of the cabin, then straight to a wooden platform. This platform has a pedestal with a ball of snow on it. Approach the ball and it will talk to you, then start rolling down the slide. Go in front of it, but do not get too far ahead of it, since it will miss the snowman entirely. Slide then run to the pedestal with the snowman's head. The ball will follow you. Stand next to the snowman's head so the ball runs into the head. The snowman will then give you the star!

NOTE: The Snowman's body will only appear after you finish the previous level with the Red Coins.

Star 6: Wall Kicks Will Work[edit]

Activate the cannons if you have not done so already by talking to the pink Bob-omb on the platform halfway up the lift on the bottom of the mountain. Then, take the cannon at the bottom of the lift and aim toward the ledge directly across. Try to catch on the tree by aiming at the rocks above the tree. Then, run down the narrow ledge, defeating the enemies along the way by punching them. Long-jump across the gap.

Then, go to the lowest part of the platform above Mario, and either wall-kick or triple jump onto it. Then, go near the high end. Run backwards a bit, then run up again and right away jump so that you triple jump. You need to hit the vertical part of the wall. If you do, then just as you hit the wall, press A button to do a wall kick and push the stick to the right. If done correctly, you will land on the top platform, it's a little tricky. Then, walk across the narrow ice path (carefully) and jump to get the star.

In Super Mario 64 DS, this Star was renamed Mario's Super Wall Kick, as Mario is the only character who can do the wall kick. However, you can use Luigi's backflip or Yoshi's flutter kick.

Star 7: Switch Star of Cool, Cool Mountain (Nintendo DS)[edit]

Wind disasters
Sometimes the wind does not blow you to safety when you jump off the floating island. Because of this, you will fall and lose a life.

You need Wario for this Star. Go over to where the mother penguin has lost her baby, and ground pound the ice. Now, ride the wooden lift over to the Bob-omb Buddy that unlocks the cannon. There is a Star Switch right next to him. Step on it, and jump off the platform. (The wind will blow you upward, so you won't die.) Quickly run to the Star Sphere, and get your Star.

Star 7 (DS 8): 100 Coins[edit]

Super Mario 64 DS
This star needs Yoshi, as he can burn the ice to get two of the red coins.

This level has over 150 coins. Due to the slide inside the hut having half of the coins. Although, you can get the coins from the slide and the rest from outside the hut. This guide shows how to get the star without the slide, otherwise Yoshi Isn't required.

  1. Start by jumping straight into the chimney, getting the five coins that lead into it.
  2. Slide down the slide. You only need to get 29 coins. An easy way to do this is to get all the coins up to the first shortcut, and then take that shortcut, getting all the coins that lead into it.
  3. Leave the slide and get the three red coins on the bottom of the mountain.
  4. Take the warp up to the top of the mountain - it's at the end of the broken bridge. Get the red coin at the top of the tree near the beginning of the level.
  5. Head to where the Snowman's body would be. There's a Spindrift there, so you can get three coins out of it.
  6. Climb back down and go down the outside slide. There are twenty coins, and if you don't get all of them on the first run, go back down to the warp and try again.
  7. Get the red coin at the end of the slide.
  8. Jump down to the lower platform and get three coins out of the Spindrift.
  9. Get the other red coin near the beginning of the rope elevator.
  10. Jump back up to the higher platform and go across the bridge with the jumping snowmen. Go along the upper platform and get the red coin at the end of the broken bridge.
  11. This part is tricky. You have to long jump across the broken bridge to the other side. Jump up onto the upper platform with the blue coin switch. Hit it, and get the two blue coins.
  12. This is also fairly hard. Head to the end of the platform opposite where the blue coins landed. Move the camera angle around to where you can see the other side. Jump, and kick in the air so you land on that side. Collect the red coin there.
  13. Jump down to the bridge below and take the lower path. A snowman jumps out of the snow. Run around it a few times, and it falls over and you can get three coins.
  14. A bit further down, there is a Spindrift which has 3 more coins.
  15. Jump down to the bottom platform again. Run over to the cannon, jump in it, and shoot over to the tree on the other side of the abyss. Move slowly to the edge and head over to the right, where there are two Spindrifts. You don't need to get either of them, but they have 6 coins in total.
  16. Run to the end and turn right again, where there is an arrow made of 8 coins. You should have enough to get your star.

1-Up Locations[edit]

The following is a list of where to find all six green mushrooms in Cool, Cool Mountain.

  • Jump off a bridge near the start and slide down to where a yellow ! block is.
  • Near the snowman's head is a ! block.
  • Climb up a tree near the snowman's head.
  • There are two on the slide in the hidden shortcut. Note: In the Nintendo 64 version of the game, the second 1-Up is impossible to collect, as it slides into the wall before you can get it. The Nintendo DS version fixed this.
  • At the end of a slide is a ! block up above. This is much easier to get if you take the hidden shortcut.