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  • Location: Basement. Enter the Star Door and jump into the portal.
  • Description: Water level with Bowser's sub, a bunch of sharks, and a whirlpool.

Dire, Dire Docks is the ninth stage in Super Mario 64. 30 stars are required to access it. It is found in the room with the Bowser in the Lava Sea stage, but the portal is blocking the Bowser stage. This area is known as Dire, Dire Docks. After you clear the first level of it, the portal will move to the back of the room. After completing Bowser in the Fire Sea, Bowser's Sub will disappear, moving poles will appear in the framework of the docks, and the gate blocking the passageway to the pond outside Princess Peach's Castle will open. In Super Mario 64 DS, there are Bill Blasters in the dock area, which will also disappear.

Star 1: Board Bowser's Sub[edit]

Swim straight down and you'll see a hole. Go through it and get in to the second cavern. When you do, find the switch on the floor by the edge of the dock, which will create a block that will let you get onto the sub. The star is on there, out in the open. (Note that the submarine disappears permanently after completing Bowser in the Fire Sea.)

Star 2: Chests In The Current[edit]

Super Mario 64 DS
There are three treasure chests. First get the one next to the seashell, then the one near the seaweed. The third one is close to the whirlpool, so don't get sucked in!

There are four chests at the base of the whirlpool. Open them in this order: (1) near the clamshell, (2) near the tunnel, (3) near the seaweed on the ocean floor, (4) next to the whirlpool.

The star will then appear by the wall, but don't swim directly to it -- the shark will likely hit you in the back if you try doing this. To counteract this, swim against the shark to get there, avoiding it each time it comes by.

Star 3: Pole Jumping For Red Coins[edit]

Super Mario 64 DS
This was made much easier in the Nintendo DS version, as there is a platform for the poles that pass over coins 6 and 7, and you only need to use one pole to get to the blue coin block. Also, it can be cheated by simply playing as Mario and using the Flower Power to float up to the top.

Note: You have to defeat Bowser in the Fire Sea (30 stars and one from Dire, Dire Docks) for the poles to appear.

Get all 8 red coins. They are all in the second cavern. You have to hit the same switch as star 1, but climb the other steps.

  1. The first coin is right in front of you on the same platform as you're currently on.
  2. The next three coins are all to the left of you. Wait until the pole comes over to you, then grab onto it and slide up and down it as necessary to grab the three coins. Keep holding on so you can get back.
  3. Once you're on the first platform, grab onto the other pole. Hold onto it until you get to the platform where the star will appear, at which point let go and grab onto the next pole in the same direction. This is where it gets difficult, as you have to jump off your pole and land on the other one right next to it when it stops. If you fall, climb back up to where you were and try again.
  4. Keep holding onto that pole into the fifth red coin.
  5. Now you have to jump onto another pole, except this time both the poles are moving, making it even more difficult. The sixth and seventh red coins are in the way.
  6. Head back to the platform where the star will appear, but instead of continuing back to where you started, grab onto the other pole off to the side, and keep jumping poles until you get to a platform with a blue coin block. Once there, grab onto the other pole and ride it over to the final red coin.

Backtrack, and there's the star.

Star 4: Through The Jet Stream[edit]

Super Mario 64 DS
To get this star, go to the second section of the course, then grab the Wario cap if you are not Wario. Surface, then hit the ? Block. Sink underwater to the area making rings. Stand there until 5 go around you to earn the star.

There is a stream much like the one in Jolly Roger Bay where the sunken ship was, except there are rings coming from it. Go through five rings in a row, and the star will appear in the stream. Use the metal cap to get it, just as before.

Star 5: The Manta Ray's Reward[edit]

In the first cavern, there is a Manta Ray swimming around. There are rings coming out behind it. Swim through five consecutive rings to get the star. It will appear just above the whirlpool. Go from above, and be careful.

This was moved to Star 7 in Super Mario 64 DS.

Star 5: Koopa Surfin' Switch Star (Nintendo DS)[edit]

As Wario, swim over to one of the sandy areas in the first cavern. You will find three Black Bricks and a yellow ! Block. Punch the brick in the middle, and hit the ! Block containing a Koopa Shell. Now step on the Star Switch, and get on the Koopa Shell. You don't have much time to get to the Star, so move quickly.

Star 6: Collect The Caps...[edit]

Super Mario 64 DS
The name of this Star was changed to Inside the Cage, and you need to be Luigi in order to get this star. Go to the other side of the stage, then hit the red ? block. Swim into the underwater cage to get the star.

Go to the second cavern to where the green cap is. Get both the green and blue caps and go down through the underwater cage where the star is. You can also get the star by just getting the blue cap and swimming down to the cage.

Star 7: 100 Coins[edit]

Super Mario 64 DS

The first line of coins has been replaced by additional coins on the bottom of The Bay.

If you are still needing coins, get the Wario cap and break the black bricks.

This is one of the harder coin missions in the game, with just 106 coins.

  1. As soon as you enter, swim around the top sides of The Bay, until you find a line of five yellow coins.
  2. Swim down to the bottom, where there are three coins near each other.
  3. There are two vertical columns of five yellow coins near the whirlpool.
  4. Near and in the tunnel, there are three rings of yellow coins, for 24 coins in total.
  5. Swim through the tunnel, down to the bottom, and past the 3 clams. There are eight coins in a ring there.
  6. Near the black tunnel, there is a column of five coins. It can be very difficult to get them, as the current is very strong. Swim to the top and use a metal cap if you have trouble.
  7. Swim up to the top and get onto the dock. There are five coins in a line.
  8. Hit the ! Switch and head up to the platforms with the poles. You only need to get five of the red coins, so you can ignore coins five, six, and seven.
  9. Get onto the platform with the blue coin switch, hit it, and grab the six blue coins. You should have 100 coins.

1-Up Locations[edit]

There is only one 1-Up in this level. When you start, swim down to the bottom and open up the clam. Swim through the clam's mouth, and a 1-Up appears.