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  • Location: First floor. On the right side of the room, enter the door with a 3 on it and jump into the painting.
  • Description: Water course with an eel, a pirate ship, and a jet stream.
  • Bob-omb Buddy: Right after the floating platform, you will see the Bob-omb Buddy.

Jolly Roger Bay is the third course in Super Mario 64. Three stars are required to access it.

Star 1: Plunder in the Sunken Ship[edit | edit source]

Super Mario 64 DS
There is only one chest to open. Open it to drain the water from the room. Then, make your way up the platforms to the yellow ! block. Inside it is the star.

This first star lies in the course's centerpiece, the sunken ship of the unnamed pirates. The ship lies at the bottom of the large empty pool straight ahead. Watch out for the eel, guarding the only entrance. Swim past the eel quickly (rapidly tap the jump button to swim faster), and it will lunge out at you then swim away. If it hits you, swim to the surface to replenish your power.

Once the eel has left, swim in through the window. Inside the ship will be four chests. Open them in the correct order to drain the water. The order is: Back, Front Left, Front Right, Middle. If you attempt to open the chests out of order, you will receive an electric shock and take damage. Choosing the wrong chest will also cause all of the chests you've successfully opened to close and you then have to start over. Every chest you open correctly will have a bubble come out of it. By touching this bubble you will regain your health. Once you open all four chests, quickly swim up to the bow of the boat while the music is playing before the water drains down or, the hard way, jump up the side of the ship to get to the star in the "!" box.

Star 2: Can the Eel Come Out to Play?[edit | edit source]

This star lies in the area where the ship once lay (it has now risen to the surface, but ignore it for now). Go back to the area and you will see the eel that was in the ship now sticking from a small green alcove in the sea wall. Swim up to it the same way you did for the first star and it will lunge at you and leave the alcove. The star is located on its tail. Chase its tail around until you touch the star. After you touch it, the star will move over to where the alcove is. Swim over and retrieve it. If you are damaged by the eel, you may want to consider swimming to the surface to replenish your life before trying again.

Star 3: Treasure in the Ocean Cave[edit | edit source]

This star is located in a cave that is in the central location where the ship once was. Swim over to the location and avoid the eel swimming around. Go towards the bottom and you will see a ring of coins in front of a cave. Swim towards the cave and resurface on the other side. Run across the cave, avoiding the stone pillars that try to fall on you. Run up to where four treasure chests are laying. To get the treasure, open the chests in this order: back, left, right, front. (If you touch them out of order, they will shock you and you will have to start over). The star will appear in the center. As a side note, it is possible to get this star before getting Star 1.

Star 4: Red Coins on the Ship Afloat[edit | edit source]

A map of Jolly Roger Bay, with all the red coin locations marked out.

You will have to do the usual red coin collecting for this level. The locations of the coins are as follows:

  1. From the starting point, swim straight underwater. The coin should be in the first clam you see.
  2. Go to where the red Bob-omb is and jump onto the nearby pillar. Climb to the top to retrieve the coin.
  3. Go underwater right next to the floating platform between the two rocky cliffs. There should be a clamshell with the red coin there. Swim near it to make it open up.
  4. Still underwater, swim towards the bases of the tall pillars sticking out (the ones near the platform of star #5). The clam next to them should have the coin.
  5. Swim straight down to the nearest clam on the bottom of the ocean. You will find another coin.
  6. Resurface, and go to the floating platform. Jump onto the cliff opposite the one with the red Bob-omb, and press the purple switch to make boxes appear. Use the narrow walkways to get to the ship. Once on the ship, walk to the bow and get the coin.
  7. Walk to the back of the ship and jump over the cabin to get this one.
  8. This coin is on the ship, right next to the last one on the list.

This Star was moved to Star 5 in the DS remake.

Star 5: Blast to the Stone Pillar[edit | edit source]

You will need the cannon to be operational for this star. Swim over to the right wall to where the floating pad is between the two gray platforms. Jump up onto the platform where the Bob-omb Buddy is and talk to it to open the cannon. Swim back over to the cannon at the beginning and jump in. Aim straight at the first tall pillar sticking up out of the ground. Aim the cannon a bit above it so that when you shoot Mario, he grabs onto the top. Fire the cannon. If Mario is able to hang on, turn him towards the small platform sticking out of the left wall where the star is. Jump to the platform and retrieve the star.

This Star was moved to Star 4 in the DS remake.

Star 6: Through The Jet Stream[edit | edit source]

This one is simple, but you cannot get it until you have the Metal Cap. After you unlock the Metal Cap from Hazy Maze Cave, go to The Cave, where you will find a Metal Cap box. It's a simple jump in the water from there straight down to the star. Note the jet stream with a star at the bottom as you enter, you will have to come back here. Grab the Metal Cap and walk back out to where the big jet stream is. With the Metal Cap on, the stream will not push you to the surface. Walk over the grate and jump up to get the star. If time runs out and you lose the cap before reaching the star, there is an alternate metal cap box over where the red Bob-omb is.

For a challenge, it is possible to swim directly to the star without using the metal cap. It's a very big challenge, as the boat sits directly above the star, but you can use your shadow on the sea floor to line yourself up. Start above the jet stream and tap the A button at the correct pace to swim faster. Swim straight down into the jet stream to get the star. Note: if you do not swim straight down, the jet stream will push Mario aside.

This Star was moved to Star 7 in the DS remake.

Star 6: Switch Star of the Bay (Nintendo DS)[edit | edit source]

You need Luigi for this Star. Swim down to the ocean cave where you collected Star 3. Grab the Power Flower to activate Luigi's invisibility. Then, step on the Star Switch, quickly run toward the cage, and grab your Star.

Star 7: Get 100 Coins[edit | edit source]

Super Mario 64 DS

The blue coin switch is on the beach at the start of the game. You need to go to the brick blocks right before it, punch the one on the left, hit the blue coin switch, then run back and get the Koopa Shell. Then glide over the water and collect the blue coins all in a line. There are eight of them, but you only need to get three.

Also, the ! Block at the start of the level is replaced by a brick block next to the one with the Koopa Shell, and there are more coins on the bottom of the lake and more goombas in the cave. Apart from that, the main route is the same.

There are not very many coins in this level, so you need to really hunt around. It's advised to do this on a star where the ship has been drained.

  1. At the start, turn left and hit the ! Block, and get three coins.
  2. Run over to the water and jump onto the pillar. Climb to the top and grab the red coin.
  3. Jump into the water and swim down to the bottom, where there is a rock with 8 coins around it.
  4. Get the three red coins from the seashells for a total of 6 coins.
  5. Near the highest seashell is a small beach. There are five yellow coins in a column.
  6. Hit the ! Switch and carefully walk on the bridges to get 15 coins.
  7. Jump onto the boat and get the three red coins for 6 more coins.
  8. Jump off the boat towards the three pillars. Around one of the pillars are 8 coins.
  9. Swim all the way down to the bottom of the lake, and get the red coin from the seashell.
  10. Swim to the tunnel, and get 8 coins just around the tunnel.
  11. Head to the underground cave. There is a blue coin switch, and you can get 30 coins out of it. You must get every blue coin from this switch or there will not be enough coins left to get 100 coins.
  12. You can get 3 coins from the goombas.
  13. Run to the treasure chests, but head right just before that. You can get 8 coins in a ring, and get your star.

1-Up Locations[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of where to find all two green mushrooms in Jolly Roger Bay.

  • Swim through the ring of coins near the eel that leads to the cavern.
  • On top of a pillar near one of the stars. You must shoot to it using the cannon.